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Allerey-sur-Saône: Home to an American Army hospital camp during WWI.

Autun - Out of the way town, offten missed but well worth a visit.

Azé - Village in wine country with prehistoric caves.

Medieval Village of Brancion - Ideal village for finding views of the Burgundy countryside.

Bresse Bourguignonne: Burgundy area of the Bresse Region.

Brionnais: Hidden jewel in Southern Burgundy.

Blanot - Village with a Romanesque church, prehistoric caves and a small mountain.

Blanzy: Home to Musée de la Mine.

Chalon-sur-Saône: More like a village than the largest town in Southern Burgundy.

Chapelle de Charcuble - A Chapel built a day.

Châteaux de Cormatin - The building of this châteaux started in 1608. Makes for a very nice walk in the garden, has one of the largest mazes in France, don't get lost.

Couches - Village near Autun.

Cluny - Home to the once largest church in the world.

Cuisery: Small town with a monthly book fair.

Castle of Sercy (Château de Sercy) - 12th-century castle set back from the road by a pond.

Ecuisses: Home to the Musée du canal.

Louhans: Capital of the Bresse Bourguignonne.

La Pierre Levée- Stone of pagan origin.

La Chapelle-Thècle - Village with a WWII crash site.

Le Creusot: The once industrial heart of Burgundy.

Mâcon: Capital of Southern Burgundy.

Mont Saint Vincent - Village on a hill with a great view of Southern Burgundy.

Uchizy - Medieval village with a Romanesque church.

N6 National Road: Part of France's Route 66.

Plottes - Small village where on November 13, 1944 nine American solders were killed. Also has a nice winery, Domaine Clot Gandin and makes for a nice out of the way visit.

Romanesque Churches - Southern Burgundy has a large selection (over thirty) of Romanesque churches.

Saint Gengoux le National - Town near Tournus and Cluny.

Sennecey-le-Grand: Town with a Romanesque Church, WWII memorial and museum.

Tournus - Town on the right bank of the Saône River, ideal starting point for discovering Southern Burgundy.

Route du vin - As with the Route du vin d'Alsace make sure you get a map from the nearest tourist office, so as not to get lost. The town of Chardonnay is on the way, I thought it was kind of cool going to the town where Chardonnay wines get their name. If you want to do wine tasting, look for signs with the word "Dégustation", your being invited in to taste wine. Also look for "Caves", they are wine stores that will have lots of different local wines with a good selection. My brother has a small winery, Domaine de l'Echelette, near the town of La Chapelle sous Brancion.

Suggested Reading - Vintage France: Adventures Along the French Wine Route

Verdun-sur-le-Doubs: Small town in the Bresse Bourguignonne.

Voie Verte: Bike path through Southern Burgundy.

Photos and Videos

Rapeseed (Colza) Fields: April 2014.

Burgundy Then & Now: Set of 15 then and now photos.

Sunrise: Burgundy Sunrise on March 6 2011.

Trainspotting locations in Southern Burgundy.

Lavoir - Is a communal washhouse where women went to do their household laundry. There are quite a few in Southern Burgundy.

House being insulated with straw in Burgundy France.

French Farm: Short video of a visit to a farm in Burgundy France.

Countryside - Video of the Burgundy countryside.

Potato Harvest 2012

Grapes from Domaine de l'Echelette

Video of a sunflower field.

Fall day in Southern Burgundy.

Family Plugs - Earl du Moulin de Montjay and a B & B in the Heart of Burgundy.

Hotels in Burgundy

Tours of Burgundy

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