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Newsletter December 2014
Revisiting Lyon, I recently took a sightseeing tour with guide and stoyrteller Jean-Luc Chavent. Chavent calls himself a conteur de rues - street storyteller, more interested in the narrative of history than dates. We never got more than a half a mile from Place des Terreaux, our starting point.

On the right bank of the Rhône River 30 miles south of Lyon you will find one of the largest Gallo-Roman archaeological sites in France  the Archaeological Museum at Saint-Romain-en-Gal. Saint-Romain-en-Gal once was a neighborhood of Vienne located across the Rhône, when Vienne was a Gallo-Roman city.

Lafayette is Here! [Kindle Edition]
The name of Lafayette is writ large across the history of the United States and of his native France, but few know any more about the man George Washington called "our marquis" than can be read from the plaques of the monuments to him scattered across both countries. Visiting many of the sites associated with Lafayettes adventures, John Baxter recounts the little-known story of how a 19-year-old Frenchman with not a word of English sailed to the aid of Washington and his embattled Continental Army. In a life that belongs more to a historical novel than to history, Lafayette was wounded in his first battle, barely evaded capture by the turncoat Benedict Arnold, was almost taken prisoner in a mutiny on the high seas, crowned his military career by crushing the British officer who killed his father - all before he turned 21.

Culture Shock  A Practical Guide
This how-to guide will help expats, international students and travelers deal with the challenges of living in a new place. It offers practical advice that is easy to implement and can be applied in any situation. Adapting to another culture is challenging. This ebook will ease that transition.

My Paris Kitchen: Recipes and Stories, by David Lebovitz
It's been ten years since David Lebovitz packed up his most treasured cookbooks, a well-worn cast-iron skillet, and his laptop and moved to Paris.

Exposition Universelle de 1867
The Exposition Universelle de 1867 - world's fair of 1867 took place in Paris from April 1st to November 3rd, 1867. This was the first world's fair to be located on the Champs de Mars (now home to the Eiffel Tower) and the second in Paris.

A Kitchen in France: A Year of Cooking in My Farmhouse
When Mimi Thorisson and her family moved from Paris to a small town in out-of-the-way Medoc, she did not quite know what was in store for them. She found wonderful ingredientsfrom local farmers and the neighboring woodsand, most important, time to cook. Her cookbook chronicles the family's seasonal meals and life in an old farmhouse, all photographed by her husband, Oddur. Mimis convivial recipessuch as Roast Chicken with Herbs and Creme Fraîche, Cepe and Parsley Tartlets, Winter Vegetable Cocotte, Apple Tart with Orange Flower Water, and Salted Butter Creme Caramelwill bring the warmth of rural France into your home.

Exposition Universelle de 1855
The Exposition Universelle de 1855 - world's fair of 1855 took place in Paris from May 15th to November 15th, 1855. This was the first world's fair to take place in France and the second in the world.

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