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Southern BurgundyRomanesque Churches

Southern Burgundy (Saône-et-Loire department) has a large selection (over forty that I know of) of Romanesque churches. Romanesque means like Rome and indicates churches built in the 11th and 12th centuries. In the Burgundy style a Romanesque church has a simple square bell tower located over the cross, a round apse (head of the cross pointing east) and either an arch of stone or of simple wood trusses to support the roof.

Most of the Romanesque of Southern Burgundy have been recently renovated and are surrounded by a village or farmland. Some are on top of a hill and offer good view of the surrounding landscape. When visiting Romanesque churches it is often possible to visit inside and find some information on the church's history in English.

I now have the churches below on a map.

Selection of Romanesque Churches in Southern Burgundy:

Abbaye de Cluny - Was at one time the largest church in the world. The church was destroyed during the French revolution.

Ameugny Notre-Dame - Village church overlooking the Burgundy countryside.

Bissy la Maconnaise Sainte Juliette - Village church located in the hearth of wine country.

Bissy-sur-Fley - Small village with a Romanesque church and Château.

Blanot Saint-Martin - Located in the rolling hills of Burgundy.

Brancon Saint Peter - Located in the medieval village of Brancion.

Burgy Saint Baptiste - On a hill overlooking the Saône Plane and vineyards.

Burzy - Small village Romanesque Church.

Chapaize Saint Martin - This church is not to be missed, and if you're driving on the D14 road you can't help but want to stop.

Chazelle - Romanesque Church in the hamlet of Chazelle village of Cormatin.

Chissey les Mâcon Saint Pierre - Village church with a number of capitals dating from the 12th century.

Clessé Notre-Dame - Located not far from Mâcon in the heart of wine country.

Colombier-le-Haut - Small Romanesque church in the hamlet Colombier-le-Haut.

Domange Chapel - Romanesque chapel in Igé.

Donzy le Perthuis Saint-Julien - Village very close to Cluny with a Romanesque Church.

Farges les Macon Saint Bathelemy - Small farming village with a Romanesque church near Tournus.

Fley Saint Euverte - Small village with a Romanesque near Bouzu Hill in Southern Burgundy.

Genouilly Saint Peter - Village in the Guye valley with a Romanesque church.

Germagny - Small village with a Romanesque church.

Gourdon Assumption of Our Lady - Village Romanesque church with a number of frescos and carved capitals.

Grevilly Romanesque Church: Village church on a hill in Burgundy.

La Chapelle sous Brancion - Lovely 11th century church. How do I know? I was married there. A beautiful view of the village can be found looking down from the Châteaux de Brancon.

Laives Saint Martin - On a hill overlooking the Grosne Valley and the Saône Plane.

Laizé Saint Antoine - Romanesque church and with a unique bell tower.

Lancharre - A Romanesque church in Southern Burgundy.

Le Puley Saint Christopher - Small village with a Romanesque Church.

Le Villars Sainte-Marie-Madeleine - Romanesque Church with a 12th century fresco.

Lys - A Romanesque (12th century) church in Southern Burgundy.

Malay Notre-Dame - Romanesque Church started in the 11th century and finished in the 13th.

Massy Saint-Denis - Romanesque village church near Cluny.

Mont Saint Vincent - Romanesque church in the highest village in Southern Burgundy.

Ougy Saint-Martin - This church has remained unchanged since the day it was finished in the 12 century.

Ozenay Saint Gervais and Saint Prothais - Village church built by the Canons of Chalon-sur-Sôane.

Saint-Albain - Romanesque church with a large bell tower.

Saint-Clément-sur-Guye - Romanesque church that overlooks the Charolais and Mâconnais Mountains.

Saint-Hippolyte - Romanesque church of the hamlet of Saint-Hippolyte.

Saint Martin Belle Roche - The Bell tower and apse are all that remain of this Romanesque church.

Saint-Maurice-des-Champs - Small village church.

Saint-Vincent-des-Pres - Romanesque village church near Cluny.

Santilly Saint Victor - Small Romanesque Church in the Grosne Valley.

Sennecey-le-Grand - Burgundy town with a Romanesque Church.

Taizé - Small village Romanesque church.

Tournus Saint-Philibert Abbey - Crown jewel of the over 35 Romanesque churches in the Saône et Loire department.

Uchizy Saint-Pierre - Village church once part of a priory.

Vaux-en-Pré - Small village Romanesque church.

A special thanks to Jean and Isabelle Paymal authors of Eglises romanes de la Bourgogne du Sud (Romanesque Churches of Southern Burgundy). It is from their book that I discovered many of the Romanesque churches in these pages.

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