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If you would like to know the price of gas in France in dollars then click here. Here's how gasoline consumption is calculated in France.

Buying gas in France is much like in the States; the pumps are just about the same, except the money is in Euros and you buy by the liter. At the pump you can buy: unleaded (sans plomb) in either 95 or 98 octane, super unleaded (super) or diesel (gazole). Some stations will also sell what is called fuel in French, normally at a separate pump. Do not buy it; it is diesel that is only sold to farmers. You can be fined, if it is found in your tank. This diesel is colored red, unlike regular diesel.

Gas can be purchased using either cash or a credit card when an attendant is present. Most gas stations, except for those on the Autoroute, do not have an attendant 24 hours a day. There are automated pumps that allow purchase with credit cards. But the credit card needs to have a chip with a pin number to purchase gas or diesel at automated pumps. In France, you pump and then you pay; you do not have to pay first. When you finish pumping, all you have to do is go inside and tell the attendant your pump number and he/she will understand. Supermarkets in France sell gas and diesel, and are much cheaper than at gas stations. Auchan, Round Point, Super U, InterMarché, E.Leclerc and ATAC are the names of supermarkets that sell gas and diesel. Look for signs reading "Centre Commercial" they should lead you to a supermarket. Try not to buy on the Autoroute (toll roads) as it is much more expensive than at a supermarket.

If possible, rent a car that runs on diesel, as it is cheaper than unleaded. Also the mileage is better.

If you would like to get a general idea of the price of gas in France then see - Price Comparison Web Sites.





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