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Buying GasPrice Comparison Web Sites

There are number of web sites that compare the price of gasoline in France. Even the French government has gotten into the game. In January of 2007 it launched - Site du Ministère des Finances, prix des carburants, SP95, Gazole... - a site listing the prices of SP 95 (unleaded) and Gazole (diesel) at thousands of filling stations throughout France. This site states it is updated each time a participating filling station changes its prices. It is the responsibly of the filling station to commutate any changes.

There are other price comparison web sites. There is, which along with listing filling stations in cities and towns also lists filling stations on the Autoroute (toll roads).

One other site I looked at is - it has listings of over 13,000 filling stations including on the Autoroute.

All sites are free and in French. You do not need to register to compare prices. Remember that all prices are in euros and quantity is in liters.

Looking for the price of gas or diesel in a particular French department? Try the drop down menu below. Select a department and then click ‘Search.’ A new page will open and it will display a list of gas stations and their prices for the department you selected. You will have to scroll down slightly to see the list.

Please note the page will be in French, not to worry. Here are the key terms:

  • Super SP 98 – Unleaded 98
  • Super SP 95 - Unleaded 98
  • Gasoil+ - Clean Diesel (i.e. low sulfur)
  • Gasoil - Diesel
  • GPL – Propane for cars.
  • Gain – Change in overall price.
  • Sélectionner la première lettre du nom de la ville : - Select the first letter of the desired city or town name. This lets you narrow your search by viewing cities/towns with the same first letter.
  • Ou bien sélectionnez dans la liste – This is a drop down menu with names of cities/towns of the department. You can view a list of stations from the city/town you select.
  • Filtrer par : You can select stations by brand.
  • 437 prix dans 141 stations renseignées sur un total de 147 pour Ain – This tells you the number of known gas/diesel prices, in this case 437. 141 is the number of service stations in the database. 147 is the total of know gas stations. Last is the name of the department. In this case the Ain.

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