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Here are some videos related to France. There is also an Americans in France channel on YouTube.

Carnival in La Roche sur Foron France

Small Town Bastille Day Parade

Pond near Autun

Christmas Lights

Videos to help you learn French from

Southern Burgundy in the Fall

N6 National Road

Sunflower Field

TGV Train Video

Driving in Southern Burgundy

Pigs in Corsica: Pigs being fed.

Mountains in Corsica: Mountains near Ajaccio.

Le Petit Train de Corte: Train ride throguh the once capitol of Corsica.

Napoleon's Home: The home that Napoleon was born in.

Fish Market in Ajaccio: Walk through the Fish Market in Ajaccio.

Beaches in Corsica: Four beaches in Corsica.

Port of Ajaccio: 180 degree view of the port of Ajaccio.

Napoleonic Soldiers: Soldiers marching in Ajaccio.

Filitosa: Prehistoric site in Corsica.

On and off a Ferry: Cars getting on and then off a ferry in Nice

Grape Harvest - Part II: From the tractor to the glass.

Grape Harvest - Part I: At a winery in Burgundy.

Making Blackberry Preserves: From picking to bottling.

Grape Harvest: Via time lapse photography.

Ajaccio to Iles Sanguinaires: Boat ride from Ajaccio to the Iles Sanguinaires.

Mont Blanc Tunnel: From Italy to France.

A8 Autoroute: Drive along a French Autoroute (Freeway).

Rue Fesch Ajaccio: Walk down rue Fesch in Ajaccio.

Narrow Winding Road in Corsica: Between Bastelica and Bastelicaccia north of Ajaccio

Ajaccio Market: This is the daily market in Ajaccio.

Ferry Arriving and Unloading: The 'Sardinia Vera' arriving and unloading cars in Nice France.

Saint-Hippolyte: Ruins of a Romanesque Church in Southern Burgundy.

Évires City 2010

Summer Luge in Orange 2010

Name that Breed of Cow

Bastille Day 2010

Tour de France 2010 Stage 8

Making of a Crêpe

Entering & Exiting French Autoroute

War Monument in Saint-Laurent.

Lys Romanesque (12th century) Church in Burgundy

Farmer in Burgundy moves sheep from one pasture to another.

Romanesque church in Southern Burgundy

Chapel built in one day during WWII on May 1st 1941

Chissey les Macon Church

Video tour of the medieval village of Brancion

Video of a picturesque Burgundy village

Megalith in Burgundy

Romanesque Church in the village of Ameugny France

360 panoramic view of the Burgundy countryside

Romanesque church in the hamlet of Lancharre in Southern Burgundy

Romanesque church - Saint Martin in the village of Chapaize

2010 Vide Grenier (Flea Market) in La Roche sur Foron France

March of the Cows

Counts of Geneva Tower

Video of market day in La Roche sur Foron

This is a video of Pierre aux Fees (Fairy Stones) in Reignier France

Raw Milk Vending Machine





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