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Health Insurance for France

One of the requirements to become a resident of France is health insurance. You cannot get a long-term visa (Carte de Sejour) without it. This really is not a problem as there are more than enough companies selling health insurance for France and the international market. My suggestion is to shop around for the best price and remember that in France health costs are lower than in the states so you might not need as much insurance as you think you do. To give you an example in France seeing a doctor will cost 24 euros and prescription drugs are much less than in the states. Also, if you decide to work in France either for yourself or for company, after you have worked 70 hours you will have health insurance and be covered by the French national health system. Lastly, purchase your health insurance ahead of applying for your visa, in this way you will have you proof of your health insurance and not have any paperwork problems.

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