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Classic French WeddingChoosing a Wedding Venue

by Frank Damgaard
Monte-Carlo Weddings

Often brides ask me “How do I know when a venue is perfect? What should I look for?”

Choosing the venues for the wedding is pretty much right up there with the very first thing couples do once they get engaged (in fact, it comes second, right after the ever-important shopping for the wedding dress!)

My experience is that deciding on a wedding venue really involves a combination of factors. First of all, you start with the basics. You must find out:

  • if the venue is available on the date
  • if it can comfortably seat all of the guests
  • whether or not it suits the theme of your wedding, and the general feel
  • whether or not the event can be moved in case of rain (I recommend you definitely NOT tempt fate by choosing a venue which does not have a back-up plan for inclement weather – regardless of what month it is. Let’s just say that you want your wedding to be memorable, but for all the right reasons).
  • and of course… whether or not it is in your price range.

One way to improve your chances of getting the venue you want during the busiest wedding months (here in the area the busiest months are June, July and September) is to agree to have the wedding on a day other than a Saturday. Quite unconventional, that is certain, but on other hand, it might be worth it to secure the venue of your dreams…

Secondly, you must take into account the potential the venue offers. Can it be transformed? How has it been decorated for previous weddings? Of course, I recommend you always visit the venue in person. It is also a good idea to either have a wedding planner vouch for the venue or get a contact number for a couple who has already rented it.

Thirdly, I think that couples have to remember that guests’ ability to get to the venue is important. Is there an airport nearby? Are there a lot of direct flights available that time of year for the out-of-town guests? Are there a lot of hotels in the area, of varying price ranges? For people planning destination weddings, remember that the easier you make it for guests to attend, the more will attend.

Last but not least, remember that facts and figures are just one part of the picture. How you feel when you first walk into a venue does count for a lot. Is it what you have been dreaming of? Can you imagine yourself there on your big day? If this isn’t a good time to go with your gut, what is? After all, you are getting married!

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