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French Municipal Elections 2014La Roche sur Foron

For the 2014 Municipal Elections in La Roche sur Foron there are three lists*:

First and second round results.

Second round ballots and voting card.

Between rounds analyst and candidate posters.

Each list is given a public space for posters, fliers and to announce events Just before the election sample ballots are mailed out.

The list La Roche sur Foron Bleu Marine lead by Christian Bartheye couldn't take part in the election because it did not have enough candidates.

Very unscientific facebook and YouTube election poll.

Lists must be submitted in full by March 6th . Any list that doesn't have 33 names will be invalidated and not take part in the election. Electoral law in France states that each list in municipalities of more than 1,000 inhabitants must be equal to the number of seats on the municipality's council. For La Roche sur Foron that means that each list must have 33 people on it with a near equal number of men and woman. As each list is headed by a man, odd in number and must by law alternate by gender, this means that each list will have one more man than woman.

Debate March 14th, 2014.

Campaign of 2014

The 2014 campaign is shaping up to be much like in 2008. The incumbent mayor, Michel Thabuis is seeking reelection, as in 2008 Thabuis lost one of his deputies to an opposition list, quality of life and population growth are issues. La Roche sur Foron's population is now over 10,000.

Also much like in 2008, Thabuis is basing his reelection on what he has accomplished and his good governance. Thabuis states he has lowered the town's debt, completed 30 town projects including a new mixed age center - retirement home and daycare center together, not raised taxes over the last six years. He also talks about his plans for the future: soon to be finished town library, remodel the town cinema and new skate park and football field.

The opposition also focused on the future with Flammier suggesting a new or remodeled MJC (youth and cultural center) and controlling growth. The Georget program calls for regular community meetings, new or enlarge local schools, and public transport (electric buses) for isolated neighborhoods. For his part Bartheye wants more police and no new taxes.

The campaign has also seen it's share of attacks: Thabuis' style of governance has been criticized, he's accused of being dictatorial (Bartheye) and difficult when working with neighboring towns (Flammier). For his part Thabuis pointed out that Flammier's only government experience dates back 25+ years. This from someone who says he has 'a passion for public service'.

*Mayors in France are not directly elected. They are elected by the municipal council for terms of six years. Meaning anyone on the council could be elected mayor. But in practice the head of a list in a municipal election is almost always elected mayor should their list win. Council seats are allocated by a mix of direct and proportional representation depending on the percentage of votes received.

Town Hall in La Roche sur Foron.

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