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WWIVerdun France

Office de Tourism (Tourist Office)- No it's not really an attraction but it is the best place to start and get directions and a map to the Champ de Bataille (Battle Fields) that are north of the city and other attractions near by. The first time I visited Verdun I have no guide book and the Tourist Office was able to supply me with all the documentation that I needed. Also don't miss visiting Verdun itself, it makes for a nice walk in the lovely Centre Ville (Center of Town). Verdun is straightforward to find by car, exit the Autoroute A4 at Sortie 31 Verdun, and then follow the signs. Once you are in Verdun, the Tourist Office is found by following signs marked Office de Tourism.

Champ de Bataille- Leave Verdun and go north, follow sings for Etain on the National 3 (N 3). Then look for signs marked Champ de Bataille 14-18. When I visited with my parents we had a picnic in one of the many areas in Champ de Bataille set aside for that purpose, it was very nice. I would suggest doing the same if the weather is nice during your visit. Most monuments, memorials and forts are found very close to each other.
Here are three that I have seen;

    Tranchée- Trenches can be found in many different locations in the Champ de Bataille and can be walked in. Most still have their concrete sides. There is one on the road that leads up to Fort de Douaumont.
    Fort de Douaumont- There is a nice view of the Champ de Bataille from the top of this fort. There are tours of the inside of the fort.

The landscape of the Champ de Bataille is rolling hills and not flat, but I think it would still make for a nice bike ride. As for hiking, I would be weary of this, there still are unexploded bombs and some areas are closed to tourist.

Click here for photos of Verdun.

In Verdun;

    Centre mondial de la Paix(World Center for Peace)- Next to the Cathédrale Notre Dame this former palace now houses a peace museum. The museum is organized into two parts, the first focus on the battle of Verdun and the second on the "From War… to Peace" exhibit that lists some of the roots of and solutions to war.
    Citadelle- Go inside this former army strong point and take a 30 minute "train" tour, that explains some of the causes of the WWI. Tours in English

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