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NewsletterAugust 2016

Nice France - Promenade des Anglais

Yet Again :(

France has been struck yet again by terrorism, this time in Nice, followed by the killing of a priest near Rouen. What is there to say? Well, I think John Oliver does a really good job here! As he says "France is going to endure." And endure it will.
These are difficult times: emotionally, economically and politically. Emotionally France is on edge and suffering. What else could you expect from a country that suffered three major terrorist attacks in 18 months? As with the other terrorist attacks there was a time of national mourning, with flags at half mast. But life goes on.
Economically the French economy relies a great deal on tourism. According to this New York Times article there's been a noticeable down turn in tourism. To add to the economic woes the French economy was flat in the second quarter of 2016, after an up tick in the first quarter.
Politically things aren't much better. President François Hollande continually says and does the same things, but it doesn't seem to make much of a difference. There is a lot of anger building in France, before a ceremony in Nice, Prime Minister Manuel Valls was booed. Most politicians are taking a 'tough on crime' approach getting ready for next year's presidential election. Arthur Goldhammer asks, will the French center hold? An optimist, I have to believe so, but I think these's a good chance Marine Le Pen will make the second round of the presidential election in 2017, but not win. One who has an opinion outside the norm is Dominique de Villepin who here (in French) says that fighting a 'war on terrorism' is unwinnable, endless and only creates more violence. But the solutions he offers are a bit vague and intellectual.
All that said, the fundamentals haven't changed. France is still France, be it with a much greater police and army presence. You'll still find the Eiffel Tower in Paris, cows in the countryside and village markets. To say nothing of great food! I'll finish by saying what I've said before with regards to travel or living in France, do what you feel comfortable with. A vacation or an international move should improve your life not make you worry. If coming to France will make you uncomfortable then you shouldn't come. France will always be there for another time. But remember you have a much greater chance of being killed by lightning than by in terrorist attack.


Eight Months in Provence: A Junior Year Abroad 30 Years Late: For thirty years, Diane Covington-Carter dreamed of living in France and immersing herself in the country and language that spoke to her heart and soul. At age fifty, she set off to fulfill that yearning. Journey along with her as she discovers missing pieces of her own personal puzzle that could only emerge in French, in France. And the deep reservoirs of courage and strength that come with living a half-century.
Tainted Tokay: In between sumptuous food and wine, the Winemaker Detective grapples with deceit and deception in Old World Europe. France's top wine expert Benjamin Cooker sets off to enjoy the delights of Vienna, a romantic ride down the Danube, a gourmand's visit to Budapest, and a luxury train through the enchanting Hungarian countryside. All too soon, stolen wallets, disappearing passports, guides who are a bit too obliging, and murder mar the trip.
The Bookseller: The First Hugo Marston Novel: Max-an elderly Paris bookstall owner-is abducted at gunpoint. His friend, Hugo Marston, head of security at the US embassy, looks on helplessly, powerless to do anything to stop the kidnapper. Marston launches a search, enlisting the help of semiretired CIA agent Tom Green. Their investigation reveals that Max was a Holocaust survivor and later became a Nazi hunter. Is his disappearance somehow tied to his grim history, or even to the mysterious old books he sold?

Mail Box

Teldata Consulting Ltd: Set top boxes that allow people to watch American and British programming via the internet on their TV. They can also watch on their Computer, Tablet or cell phone. As long as they have an Internet connection speed of 2Mb/sec. A little touch of home for those students or expats in France. +33 (0)6 95 87 58 15 -
French Admin Solutions: Moving to a new country opens the door to so many enriching experiences, but establishing your home and working life in France can be difficult when your language skills are still a work in progress. Without a comfortable grasp of French, there are many pitfalls in every aspect of daily life for the unknowing, the unwary and the uninformed.
In Paris & Avignon: Amaclio is producing two events this summer, La Nuit aux Invalides in Paris, every night except Sundays, until August 27th and Les Luminessences d'Avignon from August 10th to October 2nd in the Palais des Papes, every night. Both are monumental video shows respectively telling the history of the Invalides and Palais des Papes, two World Heritage monuments. You can watch the teasers on and In both cases there are English sessions: Paris on Mondays and Thursdays 10:30PM, Avignon on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays 10:15PM.


Paris Plage: There's a 'beach' in Paris for a month during the summer. This year Paris Plage runs until August 21st.
La Roche Bluegrass: Europe's largest festival dedicated exclusively to Bluegrass Music is August 3-7 in La Roche sur Foron. 25 bands -15 countries.- 50 free concerts.


Currencies Direct: With increased protections and restrictions being put on the transfer of the US dollar, many companies are unable to help American clients transfer their funds. Currencies Direct is proud to be one of the few companies which has acquired a license to trade American clients and their funds safely and quickly; the only condition is that the funds must come from and go to the client's own account. We are happy to put the comfort back into currency for American clients and have an office in France with a team who is always there to help answer any questions. Click here for more info.

Frantastique: Personalized French lessons online! Your daily lesson is sent by e-mail every morning. Story-based lessons featuring fun characters in a French-speaking context with plenty of culture and business elements.. The lessons are humorous, practical and include a wide variety of accents. 10 to 15 minutes daily is all it takes!

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