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Moving PlannerEnergy Efficiency Inspection

Starting on January 1st 2011 it is mandatory for all real estate ads in France – both for sale and rent to list a property’s energy efficiency inspection score (Diagnostic de Performance Energétique). This score will have numbers that will correspond to ratings from A (best) to G (worst), both for a property’s Energy Consumption Ratio and Greenhouse Gas Emission Ratio.

For example if a property’s energy consumption ratio is 95 and its greenhouse gas emission ratio is 10 then that property has a C rating for energy consumption and a B rating for greenhouse gas emissions. So the lower the energy consumption and greenhouse gas emission ratios the better.

Energy Consumption

Energy Consumption Ratio: is the energy consumption in kilowatt hours for primary energy usage (heating, hot water) per square meter per year. This is known as kWhEP/ in France.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Greenhouse Gas Emission Ratio: is an estimation of greenhouse gas emissions in kilos per square meter per year. This is known as kg éqCO2/ in France.

A property’s energy efficiency inspection score is done by an independent inspector paid for by the seller. It’s the inspector who issues the energy efficiency certificate (étiquette énergie). The seller must have this certificate to sell a property.

The energy estimation in the certificate is based on a diagnostic of the property or the last three years energy consumption. Also include in the certificate is the energy consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh) and euros, a description of the property (type of construction for example) and any steps that can be undertaken to improver energy efficiency. The efficiency certificate is not contractually binding. It is meant to be used as a comparison when looking to buy or rent.

Just because it is law to list these ratios doesn’t mean you will see them in all ads starting January 1st 2011, as it will take time for real estate agents to update their property listings. But if you do find a property that you are interested in make sure to know and understand what its energy efficiency inspection score is and what it means. Also know that at the time of making a contract offer (compromise) to buy a property, a property’s energy efficiency inspection score must be known to the buyer. This law went into effect on November 1st 2006 (July 1st for new construction), so this is something that French real estate professionals already know about.

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