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CultureBeaujolais Nouveau

Mark your calendars: Beaujolais Nouveau Day for 2016 is Thursday November 17th.

Started by Georges Dubœuf at his family winery in the early 1950s, the Beaujolais Nouveau has become a wine institution in France. This southern Burgundy wine has become so popular and chic that the third Thursday of November, the day it goes on sale, is now a national event in France. There are big celebrations with the hottest personalities in France attending, but, of course, the wine is the center of attention.

Not only is Beaujolais Nouveau popular in France, it is also popular in other countries that also have their own Beaujolais Nouveau celebrations, most notably the United States and Japan. Two-thirds of the Beaujolais Nouveau sold is purchased outside France. Japan is so big a market that the Japanese distributor, a large supermarket chain, is able to select its own wine mix and label.

The Beaujolais Nouveau, because of its large volume sold, is actually a mix of grapes from different wineries. This mixing process allows for stability in taste from year to year, something very important for a wine that is meant to be fruity and easy to drink.

What makes Beaujolais Nouveau so great? Nothing really; it's just a fruity wine that is best in its youth and has some really good marketing behind it. For example, most wine labels are simple with very little flash. Beaujolais Nouveau, on the other hand, has a bouquet of flowers on its label, making it stand out.

Beaujolais Nouveau's accomplishment has not brought success to other area wines. It has had the opposite effect, taking all the focus of the Beaujolais region. It has become so popular that people don't realize that other Beaujolais wines exist. Other wines are overshadowed and now have a hard time being sold.

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