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Subject: How long must I wait?
Date: Friday, June 02, 2006
Name: shannon
Message: Does anyone know for how long you must leave france if you are asked to leave the territory before you may return? My visa was denied and I was told to leave the territory but it does not stipulate how long I must wait before i can return for example on a tourist visa.

Replies Posted 5.

Name s
Message Thanks for all your help everyone! I actually went down to the cite prefecture and was informed that as long as I leave, I can come back whenever I want after on a tourist visa which is what I will most likely do instead of reapplying for a new student visa.

Name cyndy-ann
Message I stand corrected ...

My French husband said you can stay for a three month period then you have to leave. You can come back the next day and stay another three months. You are allowed only two, three month stays in a year and it isn't a calendar year. This means, for example, you can come in May and stay until August... leave for a day or a week and return for another three months. After this, you cannot return again until the following May. I hope that makes sense. You can find information about this at the closest French Consolate, VISA office, in the US.

Sorry for the previous misinformation.

Good Luck!

Name Lori
Message Try reviewing this website. It gives official VISA requirements for all situations. There are several sections to review.

Name cyndy-ann
Message I think without a visa you must leave the country after two months. When we were living in France before we were married (my kids and I were denied visa's), we could stay two months and then had to leave. You can just go to a neighboring country for a day or two and go right back for two more months the last I knew. We just would go back to the US to visit with family and friends for a week or so.

A call to the prefecture would certainly clear that up. I'll ask my husband if there is a site where that information is readily available.

Good Luck!

Name Lori
Message Since this can be quite different from one situation to the next, it would be best to ask the Prefecture that told you you would not be able to stay. They will be able to answer your question far better than anyone here can. They have all your circumstances. A simple phone call should do.

Good luck.

Fluent French

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