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Subject: french income tax for retired americans in france
Date: Monday, January 30, 2006
Name: roberto
Message: Hello friends: Will any American living in France as a resident but fully retired & not working advise me on the Actual percentage of French Tax imposed on "world Income" ( that is the income derived from bank interest, mutual funds dividends etc) that is separate from the any annuity (pension) received which is Not taxable in France because of Bi-lateral Tax Treaty between France & the United States . Is there any deduction in the French Income Tax calculations similar to USA for those over the age of 65 yrs., and also anything similar to Personal Exemption and the Standard deduction -- items that are commn in The U.S. income tax calculations. Please send the reply soonest because important decisions are dependent on the reply receined. Thanks Roberto Jan 30, 2006 Monday

Replies Posted 5.

Name Steph
Message Dear all:

For your information, last year I had used to obtain a lot of free information about French tax. A good solution for me...


Name Steph
Message Dear all:

For your information, last year I had used to obtain a lot of free information about French tax. A good solution for me...


Name Charles
Message I am an American teacher from NY about to retire in France (July). I would like to join in this little discussion if possible. I understand that pension and social security income from the U.S. are sheltered from French taxation. I am concerned about two other things: 1) small, French-source income, like interest on a savings account in a French bank, and 2) inheritance of stocks and the earnings from the stocks in the U.S. Do either of these change the status of the annuity and social security incomes? Anyone know?


Name roberto
Message Sincere thanks to Lori who was prompt in giving a valuable suggestion. What I am looking for is not an official advice from someone who may or may not be in a position to have been directly the 'target' of the French Income Tax system whereby he/she might have been advised , in a de facto manner, whether or not the procedure followed by that person is correct & acceptable OR not. Of course it is our desire to get professional advice & guidance once we actually reside in France; in fact one official in the Tresor Public told me, any income tax situation will have to examined only after a full year of residence in France. For the time being, my inquiry was meant to elicit info that would perhaps indicate 'how much we will have to share our earnings with the French system'; that is all. Thanks for the help.

Name Lori
Message I would contact the U.S. Embassy in Paris to find a qualified French accountant who could provide you a professional and qualified answer to your questions. We are Americans living in France, but we are not retired and don't fall into the category you described.

Much as forums can be very helpful. I have to say that this kind of data should only be taken from people who are qualified and legally responsible for the data they give you.

There are several International accounting firms located in France, many of the big American firms have offices in France. Ernst and Young, etc., etc. You might want to do an Internet search to get their contact information.

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