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France - A Safe Future
Hi Tony

Here is a little map which I came across which might be useful for any Brits who may wish to buy a home in

Violence Hot-Spots

My French grandparents used to live in La Basse Normandie, near Evreux, scene of some of the worst trouble during the riots. As no one really believes that the urban violence issue is going away, some might wish to take this kind of information from this map into account before making such a large personal financial and emotional investment.

I love the area around Uzes, Nimes and Avignon but think it would be mad to buy a retirement home there. It doesn't feature as a black spot on the map, but I have been there enough times to know that the mood of the area has completely changed since I was a child. Not everyone as thrilled as Le Monde or TF1, about the islamisation of France. One hopes, however that our politicians are correct about it being the religion of peace and so forth.

What areas of France, do you feel will be relatively trouble free over the next, say 20 years?

Best Regards



Red Sky at Night in France
Red Sky at Night in France

The riots of the last two weeks have affected us all, towns and villages less than 10 miles from our home here in Languedoc have had incidents.

The current explosion of anger from young descendants of Arab-African immigrants in France raises the fundamental issue of assimilation in multicultural societies. France has been a strong proponent of one variety of assimilation : generous welfare funding by a staunchly secular state, with insistence on affiliation to defined symbols of nationhood, with affirmative action programmes frowned upon. The ongoing wave of violence, however, gives food for thought on its effectiveness.

Comments from a Home Owner

Comments from a Home Owner

I am saddened but not entirely surprised by the recent unrest in France. We have all come to believe that France is a stable country, but this stability is very fragile.

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Rental Contracts in France

Rental Contracts in France


I have been renting a house in the Dordogne, originally on a 6-month lease, which was extended so in total I will have been here for 14 months when I move at the end of January.

I have found a lovely little gite to rent, but it is normally used for holiday lettings. I was reluctant to sign a 6-month lease as I don't want to be given notice in July and have to find somewhere else in the middle of the letting season.

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