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Right of Way in France

This page has much the same info and signs about the right of way in France.

In France, unlike in the US you are to yield to the car on your right, Priorité à droite is the name of the rule in French. If nothing is marked at an intersection, there are no street signs then you must yield to the car coming from your right.

This sign announces that a yield to the right is coming up.

The following signs overrule the yield right rule:

This sign is telling you that at the next intersection you will have priority and cars coming from your left and right will yield to you. The road you are on does not always have the right of way, which will change from intersection to intersection. So keep your eyes open and if you see no signs yield to the right.

With this sign the road you are on will always have the right of way and cars will yield to you. This right of way can end, when you see the sign below.