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NewsletterNovember 2016

Atop the Alps

The above photo is from a recent day trip to the Aiguille du Midi and Chamonix, See more photos below.

Step into the Void

Snow covered Alps


Church in Chamonix




Sun coming up.

Chalet in Chamonix.

In the garden of Teresa Kaufman of Teresa's Photo Walks.

Le Môle mountain top in the clouds.

Mont Blanc

Mail Box

Cuisinez vous le Français ?: Is also an excellent opportunity for you to discover French lifestyle and culture. Most of the videos will be filmed at the Château de la Mazure in North-West France, where we have been organising language and cultural immersions for more than 30 years.
Centre International d'Antibes: Programs for adults, language vacations for juniors or specially designed mini-stays for student groups, the Centre International d'Antibes offers the ideal vacation for everyone wishing to discover French language and culture.
My French Coach: With a professional French teacher, learn french in "cafés" and gardens. Furthermore, during classes, enjoy Paris, discover different aspects of the town and understand French History!
Paris For Rent: Find the best vacation apartment rentals in Paris with Paris For Rent, a leading expert provider of short-term apartment rentals since 1998. Personal travel advisors, serviced short-term rentals, local 24/7 assistance and rave reviews.

Fall Reading

My (Part-Time) Paris Life: How Running Away Brought Me Home: Lisa Anselmo wrapped her entire life around her mother, a strong woman who was a defining force in Lisa's life-maybe too defining. When her mother dies from breast cancer, Lisa realizes she hadn't built a life of her own and struggles to find her purpose. Who is she without her mother-and her mother's expectations?
Recollections: The French Revolution of 1848 and Its Aftermath: Alexis de Tocqueville's Souvenirs was his extraordinarily lucid and trenchant analysis of the 1848 revolution in France. Despite its bravura passages and stylistic flourishes, however, it was not intended for publication. Written just before Louis-Napoléon Bonaparte's 1851 coup prompted the great theorist of democracy to retire from political life, it was initially conceived simply as an exercise in candid personal reflection. In Recollections: The French Revolution of 1848 and Its Aftermath, renowned historian Olivier Zunz and award-winning translator Arthur Goldhammer offer an entirely new translation of Tocqueville's compelling book.
Follow My Heart: Risking it all for a life in France: Do we have adventures to change our lives or do we change our lives to have adventures? When your life in middle age seems to be going downhill, and your restless heart just won't be quiet, what do you do? You move to France, but before you leap read this intimate account of a New Zealand woman's efforts to survive and thrive while doing just that. It's a cautionary tale that tells it like it is; full of passion, powerlessness, perseverance and hope.


Global Insurance Net:
If you are thinking about moving to France you will need health insurance to get your visa. A great company that will help you with this is Global Insurance Net. I found out about Global Insurance Net in 2003 through another expat. Ever since I've recommend the company, with no regrets. Carlos Perez the President, CEO of Global Insurance Net is professional and easy to work with.





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