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Trust a Specialist to Get it Right on Overseas Transfers

Many of us send money abroad for various reasons. Anything from emigrating; purchasing a holiday home; paying a mortgage or covering monthly business costs, we do this through the obvious vehicle - our bank. The disappointing factor with this choice is we lose money every time we do this, either through bank charges such as transfer fees or through poor foreign exchange rates. Naturally we all trust our bank to handle financial matters, but we don't consider other options for transferring funds abroad, most probably because we aren't aware of the benefits of using a specialist foreign exchange provider.

For those who are aware of the charges from the bank and negotiate a better deal; need to consider that banks are often prepared to waive their fee or charges because they can make a substantial profit on offering a poor foreign exchange rate. So however you look at it the banks make money and you lose money on international transfers, the larger the transfer, the more you have to lose.

Every year at Currencies Direct we see new clients joining us; it never ceases to astonish us how much money our clients lose through banks and how much they saved through our services especially on large transfers* or small regular overseas payments. We charge no fees for transfers over £5000 and regular transfers are also fee-free.

You will wonder how businesses like our own make money if you are saving so much? This is simple, we buy £2bn worth of foreign exchange each year so we are able to purchase our currency at wholesale rates. We pass on most of these savings to you, retaining a small margin for ourselves. We guarantee to always beat the banks on exchange rates.

Transferring your funds overseas is very straightforward with Currencies Direct. We process 220 000 payments a year so we have the expertise to make payments swiftly and painlessly. As soon as we receive your funds, we send out the payment immediately to the bank account details you have provided. We send payments to bank accounts in 50 countries and trade in 45 different currencies giving you a wide choice of where you can make transfers.

Working as a specialist broker gives us the advantage of finding the best rates for you and offering you a more personal service, we have numerous solutions that can be tailored to meet your needs. Once you have registered for our service you will receive a personal dealer who will handle your foreign exchange payments, their job is to ensure you receive the best rates as well as giving you the option of buying the rate now or when it meets a target set by you and the dealer. The dealer will discuss with you the best option for your needs. You can make international transfers by speaking to your dealer and agreeing a contract or you can use our online system iPayFX.

Currencies Direct offer a wide range of services to assist you with your international payments. The bottom line is - your best interests are our focus.

Written by Karl Sieha, Currencies Direct

*Currencies Direct can typically save clients up to three per cent of the overall amount of money being transferred compared to mainstream banks. And, unlike most other exchanges, it does not charge a commission and waives its transaction fee on deals above £5,000.

You can contact Currencies Direct by using the form below.

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