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French Travel PlannerTravel Warning for France

I’m guessing you know that over the last week or so there have been a number civil disturbances through out France, most notably in the suburbs. These disturbances have been largely restricted to housing projects and not tourist areas. I live in France and have not personally seen or experienced any civil unrest. Where I find what is happening alarming to say the least I still feel France a safe country to live in and visit. I just suggest you stay away from any areas that are reporting problems. If you have any questions please us my contact page.

As I state in my article on anti-Americanism - France is welcoming to Americans. But in this day and age I feel that I should give you some advice.

  • Commonsense - Like being anywhere, France is safes when you use common sense. Keep you money in a money belt; don't walk at four in the morning alone…
  • News - Look out for the word grève in newspapers and other media, it means strike. In France you are much more likely to run into a strike than you are any other type of setback in your vacation.
  • Dress - Most French dress very much like Americans so don't worry about trying to fit in, you already do.
  • Nationality - I find it silly and alarmist that Americans should say they are Canadians. First off most French think Americans tourist are English or Irish. Second, if some really wants to do something against Americans, they are not going to single out you, more likely they will do something to a symbol of America.

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