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French Travel PlannerHouse Sitters

By Tony McDonald

Keeping your home and pets safe when you go away

Leaving your home, pets and garden when you go away on holiday or business can be a worry and employing the services of a house sitting agency or taking your pets to kennels could add up to 35% to the cost of going away.

There is a unique way that many people are not aware of to keep your home safe, your garden looked after and your pets loved in their own surroundings, eliminating not only the cost of keeping them in a kennel but also ensuring their well being.

There are many experienced house sitters willing to look after your home and pets free of charge while you go away for weeks or months. House sitters do this in order to save on the cost of holiday accommodation but also to enjoy home comforts and live within a community instead of staying in a hotel room.

Websites like enable you to find a house sitter worldwide, for little or no cost. profiles many experienced house sitters keen to look after homes and pets to save on the cost of holiday accommodation. This provides a great win-win for all.

Homeowners can securely advertise and search for sitters, read reviews from previous assignments and their house and pet sitting experience. They can also view references, photos, and other information about potential house sitters so that you, the homeowner, have peace of mind when you leave your home and pets.

Some of the reasons homeowners prefer to have reliable house sitters looking after their property include security, pet welfare and garden maintenance. Burglary can be a problem in some areas of France, with second and holiday homes a popular target and having a house sitter and pets cared for at home helps prevent burglary. Homes left unoccupied for long periods of time could void an insurance policy.

It may also be difficult for expats to find ideal kennels locally for pets. Exposure to unwanted disease, such as kennel cough, is also a major issue. Pets generally do not like the upheaval of being moved away from their natural surroundings and can get stressed when placed in close proximity to other animals.

Another reason for having house sitters is to ensure that you come back to a garden that has been maintained in your absence, particularly for watering and keeping the weeds under control.

Finding a house sitter helps homeowners overcome these dilemmas, significantly reduces unwanted costs and also opens up a world of travel opportunities for potential sitters.

My wife and I have enjoyed a wonderful 3 months house sitting in the Alpes-Maritimes. We have stayed in contact with the owners throughout the period, have sorted out issues as they arose, answered the phone and taken messages, forwarded their post, watered and weeded the garden, cared for their pet and kept the house clean and secure. It is a truly win-win arrangement for home owners and house sitters. Housesitting has given us an opportunity to travel the world and experience places. When we come to the end of our housesit assignment in Alpes-Maritimes, we start another housesit for three months in Malaysia, so housesitting has become a way of life for us. has a list of many people like us who would be happy to have an opportunity to experience life in France for a few weeks or a few months and in exchange would mind your house and garden so that you can have a worry-free holiday or business trip.

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