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French Travel PlannerFree WiFi

Get your own paid hotsopt for France - share up to 10 devices.

You have a few solutions for free WiFi in France. The easiest is McDonald’s. There are 800+ in France all offering free Wifi. Accessing WiF at McDonald’s is simple. Just open a web browser on your device and agree to the terms of use by clicking ‘j'accepte’. You're all ready to surf away. One word of warning, you might find some ‘dead spots’ so if you can’t find a connection try moving around. Sometimes outside is better than in.
Good to know: The French, who love shortened words call McDonald's – McDo with the o being long as in dough.

Another solution is Quick, a McDonald’s like French fast-food chain. There are almost 500 in France so if you can't find a McDonald’s you're sure to find a Quick.

There is also Starbucks in France, all located in Paris. As in the US they offer free WiFi.

Lastly there is flunch a French fast casual restaurant chain with over 220 restaurants. Getting WiFi up and running with flunch is a bit more cumbersome than McDonald's or Quick. You'll have to go through a registration process. Once you register you account is active but you'll have one week to confirm your email address. If not your account becomes deactivated.

Other Solutions
You'll find lots WiFi signals in France but most will be password protected. So you'll need to ask if it's possible to connect. This is because by default most ADSL modems and routers in France come with WiFi enabled but are password protected. This includes the popular Orange Livebox. To find the WiFi password look for the 'clé WEP' that consists of 26 lower case letters and numbers. Another popular ADSL modem and router is the Freebox. Unlike the Orange Livebox WiFi passwords are set manually so you'll need to ask for the password.

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