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French Travel PlannerEvents in France

France is a very festive country, there is always something happening - village festivals, light shows, concert, sporting events etc… The problem most travelers to France face is finding information on when and where events are taking place.

Office de Tourisme - In France your best bet is the local Office de Tourisme (Tourist Office). Most are knowledgeable, as they should be, on what is taking place locally. All will have at a minimum a desk/shelf/bulletin board with flyers announcing local events. The more informative ones will have a guide in many languages, including English, which list local events. The Office de Tourisme for example publishes a yearly guide to local events that I have found to be very helpful and complete.

Guidebooks - Good ones will be able to give you a general idea when different events take place. Just beware that the guidebook you are using is up to date.

Internet - A great place to find events in France. Nowadays you can find a lot of Office de Tourisme online, try my travel planner here. See related links list below.

Here are few events in France that I have personally found to be enjoyable.

Fête de la musique - Yearly music festival that takes place throughout France and when I say throughout I mean throughout. Just about every city, town and village in France will have some type of concert. Fête de la musique

Strasbourg Christmas Market - Held yearly for over the last 400 years, this month long market is spread throughout the old center of town. 2002 Christmas Market photos

Bastille Day (July 14th) - France's national day marking the end of the French monarchy. Lots and lots of fireworks, to me that is not the best part, the best part is that all public museums are free on this day.

La Nuit des Musées: Night of Museums takes place on a Saturday night and often includes free admission in participating museums.

Journées européennes du Patrimoine (European Heritage Days) - France's and Europe's national heritage weekend, most public museums and monuments are free of charge.

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