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French Travel PlannerBudget Travel in France

France has the reputation of being an expensive country, but you can still find good bargains. Here are a few tips on finding some and making the most of your euros.

  • Off-season - Leave the crowds and the hot weather behind, travel in the spring (March - May) or the fall (September - November). Not only will you have fewer people to elbow out of the way but also you will get the most bang for your buck, as many hotels and airlines will be offering a discount.
  • Eat in - There is no reason for you to eat out every night. Many French supermarkets sell sandwiches and other ready to eat food, and it being France it tastes good. Also street food is very filling and reasonably priced. Crêpes in Paris are my favorite.
  • Budget hotels - France now has many budget hotel chains - Formule 1, Ibis, Etap Hotel ... (all are part of AccorHotels) most cost from 25 to 50 euros a night. So there is no need to stay in a pricey hotel that you will not be spending much time in anyway.
  • Public Transportation - France has some of the best public transport in the world - it takes you to all the tourist sites. For example a day trip to either Versailles or Chartres from Paris is easily do-able by train, no need to rent a car. From Paris you can travel to most major cities on the TGV (High Speed Train), you will get there quicker and cheaper than by car.
  • Free Sightseeing - One of the biggest expenses of any trip is admission. In France most public museums are free on the first Sunday of the month. Also many, if not all museums offer discounts to students, youth and after certain hours, 4pm for example. French gardens also well worth seeing and they are often free.
  • Change Money - In France post offices with a sign marked Change, will change money. There are no fees and the rate is the same as any bank or other moneychanger. This is the cheapest way in France that I know of to change money.

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