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French Travel PlannerBarge France

Looking for a relaxing vacation in France? Or want to see different parts of France but don’t like driving? Then you should think about a barge vacation. France has a large selection of water ways. Both manmade and natural that covers just about all the country. From Northern France to Burgundy wine country to of course the south with the Canal du Midi, that runs from Toulouse to the Mediterranean Sea.

Needless to say you have a lot of options that will allow you to discover France in a way that not all tourist can. You will get a mix of countryside and small villages plus cities and towns. All without having to leave your hotel, aka barge.

Barge vacations have different formulas, each to suit all types of travelers. Starting with self catering for those on a budget to all inclusive luxury barge cruising.

With self catering, you do your own cooking and food shopping. This is a nice way to discover local food specialties and not have to eat out every night. Prices start around 2200 euros. This can work out to about 45 euros a day for a week with up to 8 persons. About the same price as staying in a hotel.

At the other end of the spectrum is luxury barge cruising. This is all inclusive and for those of us who like the finer things in life. Your every need will be taken care of and of course this being France the food will be out of this world! You can even take a theme vacation. For example go on a wine tasting cruise in Burgundy.

What ever you taste’s there is a barge vacation that suits you.

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