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French Travel PlannerAccommodations in France

Chambre d'Hôte (Bed & Breakfast) - I my opinion a Chambre d'Hôte is the nicest type of accommodation in France. Just about all are run by farmers, retires or other rural folks looking for a means to supplement their income. Often at breakfast you will find local foods and sometimes home made preserves. Don't be afraid to ask your hosts for local attractions not to miss, I have done this a few times and received good advice. A Chambre d'Hôte is a nice way to meet French people in their homes and see how they live. One last comment, from time to time instead of a Chambre d'Hôte you will see a Table d'Hôte. A Table d'Hôte is just like a Chambre d'Hôte except it is possible to eat dinner in a Table d'Hôte. You will only pay for dinner in a Table d'Hôte if you so request it.

Gîte Rural (Rural Rental House) - Similar to a Chambre d'Hôte as Gîte Rurals are also run by farmers, retires or other rural folks looking for a means to supplement their income. A Gîte Rural is rented by the weekend, week of month. The idea with a Gîte Rural is you have a place that acts as your home but is in a location that lets you unwind. You sightsee when you feel like it or do leisure activities: biking, swimming, hiking and so on, and you are never too far from your vacation home. A Gîte Rural is nice if you really want to see a region and do not want to sleep in a different bed every night.

Note: Both Chambre d'Hôte's and Gîte Rural's are rated by number of épis (Ears of corn). One being the lowest for both a Chambre d'Hôte and Gîte Rural, four being the highest for a Chambre d'Hôte and five being the highest for a Gîte Rural.

For more information on booking on-line a Chambre d'Hôte or a Gîte Rural click here (Site mostly in French).

Hôtel- French hotels are much like those in the states except for a few differences. First in some of the smaller and one's with less frills, not all rooms will have a bathroom. You will have to share with other guests. Also not all hotels, will have an elevator. This is especially true for independent hotels in Paris. Lastly, again especially with Paris, most hotels rooms are smaller, as are the beds. So if your tall like I am, be prepared to sleep with your feet hanging off the bed.
Accor runs a chain of budget hotels, Formule 1, Ibis, Etap Hotel to name just a few, throughout France and Europe. I have stayed in a Formule 1 in Verdun and found it to be clean, safe and reasonably prices, under $30 a night. If you would like to save money on accommodations and don't mind a no frills room then an Accor hotel might be for you.
Hotels in France

Campground - I have never camped in France and here is why. I have yet to find a campground in France that does not give its campers more than the minimum amount of space to put a tent and a picnic table. In other words, campgrounds in France a very small and there is also not much space between you and your neighbor. For more information on camping in France try Camping France.

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