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NewsletterSeptember 2007

Where’s this McDonald’s?


Read the answer below and how I happened to take this photo below.

Paris Profonde

I spent last weekend in Paris. I didn’t spend much time, a little over 24 hours. But thanks to Mike Beaudet – aka Megeve Mike, I experienced a taste of Paris Profonde*. Mike lives in the 14th arrondissement outside the center of Paris, away from the tourist areas. So instead of seeing the sights I learned local history.
Parc Montsouris got its name because at one time many flower mills where located in what is today the park. They of course attracted mice. In French mice is souris. Mont means hill. The park sits on a hill.
I also learned that a local woman in the 14th was able to get a part of her street paved in cobblestone. Mike said because she liked it! Who says you can’t fight city hall!
But the highlight of my time in Paris was the dinner at La Chine Masséna. There I ate Peking Duck for the first time. Needless to say the duck was wonderful! The duck came roasted and was eaten in two servings. For the first serving our waiter, Kyang, cut off the skin with just a little meat attached. This was combined with Mandarin pancakes, green onions and hoisin sauce. It was great. In the second serving the remainder of the duck meat was combined to make two other dishes, one with broccoli the other with noodles.
La Chine Masséna is located Paris’ China Town in the shopping center ‘Masséna 13’ on Avenue de Choisy metro stop: Porte de Choisy. Of note during the week – Monday to Thursday many items on the menu are discounted.
It was during my trip to China Town in Paris that I took the photo of what must be the only Chinese McDonald’s in France.
* Profonde translates to deep. But in this context Profonde usually goes with La France Profonde, which can translate to Heartland of France. So I’m making a kind of play on words, like saying the Heartland of New York.


I’ve had a few people comment on the way that the French health system is portrayed in the movie Sicko. As I have yet to see the movie I can’t comment on it. But I can comment on some differences I’ve noticed between the French and American health systems.
I’ve been told Sicko points out that France has a very good health system. Yes, France has a very good health system, it was rated the best in the world a few years ago and the American system was rated 37th.
To me, that’s not the biggest difference between the two systems. What’s the biggest difference is that in France the care isn’t necessarily always better. You can find top notch doctors and hospitals in most countries. But what’s great – and different about the French system when compared to its American counterpart is that French healthcare is accessible and there when needed, both for preventive and emergency care. Everybody in France has health insurance and can see a doctor when needed.
That’s not to say that the French system isn’t with its problems. Specialists can be difficult to see, there is a shortage of nurses and in the countryside doctors can be few in some places. But overall France does a great job of delivering healthcare.
Case in point, I hurt my back a few months ago and was able to have a doctor come to my home on a Sunday. Yes, doctors in France still make house calls. My son also once cut his foot – on a Sunday and we were able to see a local nurse for treatment. Each time French healthcare was accessible and responsive when needed.

Fete in France

Have you ever thought of hosting a wedding, family reunion, birthday party or corporate event in France but were too intimidated by the logistics and time it takes to plan it? Fête in France can help you put your special event together anywhere in l'hexagone.
Fête in France is an event planning service created by Anne Mulvihill, an American, based in Paris. For more information visit or contact her directly at .

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