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NewsletterOctober 2006

Employment in France

Below is an extract from Braunstonian's Blog, a blog by John LR Nelson, a UK Expat living in the Essonne, south of Paris. It’s based on his experience of searching for employment in France. I have to say what he writes is all too common for many expats living in France, myself included. It’s not easy to find employment here and anyone thinking of moving to France and needing to find employment should read what John has to say:
"Over the last year or so I have always heard the same things regarding employment in France. It is mostly a negative outlook that you could say is bordering on pessimism. But sadly much is true.
When I say employment, I mean not only expats like myself but also French people. Generally it is already difficult for the "natives" to find work - but then of course it means it's then harder for "us"
What does this mean for expats?
Well in general it means that a French employer will employ someone French first - even if they are looking for someone who can speak English. But for everyone it also means that much of the work available earns the SMIC (French minimum wage) - which although is better than nothing, it is not a good wage level for the future. Oh and if you find a job you are generally lucky if it's a contract CDI (Contrat à durée indéterminée – employment contract with no end date. A CDI is the best type of employment contract to have in France.)
Now who have I heard this all from? Well, French friends, other expats on the net, my ex French teacher, the woman who conducted my bilan de competance (a skills test) last autumn and from my own experiences. I'd say that from all this evidence finding work is a problem, and also sealed by the fact many French people depart to the UK to find work!
There are also so many wannabe expats who move to France and walk straight into a closed door. They come to France expecting to jump straight into a job that they'll like and make a life in France."
To continue reading see John's blog.

Paris Seminars

Anyone in Paris on October 3rd or 10th might think about going to Bloom Where You're Planted. It’s put on by the Women of the American Church and is an orientation program about living in Paris. For more information please see - Bloom Where You're Planted.
Also for anyone in Paris on October 27th Harriet Welty Rochefort author of French Toast and French Fried is having a Wine & Cheese Tasting. You will not only discover great French wine and cheese but Harriet will also give an amusing and instructive talk on Franco-American cultural differences. For more information please see - Wine & Cheese Tastings.

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