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NewsletterNovember 2007

Foliage in France

Foliage in France

You can see other photos I've taken of Foliage in France.

Fall Festival

The town I live in – la Roche sur Foron has two yearly festivals, one in the spring and one in the fall. We just had our fall festival - Saint Denis Fair. The Saint Denis Fair is a one day affair showcasing local traditions, crafts and those that work the land. Photos can be seen here.

Cheap Flights & New Web Site

I’ve created another airport web site, this time for the Nimes Airport. As always this is an “unofficial guide” to inform the prospective traveler. Nimes airport is served by ‘no frills’ airline RyanAir during the winter 2007/8 with the possibility that other airlines will have new routes for the summer.
While we are on the topic of cheap flights it is possible to fly from the US to Europe with a discount airline. As this USA Today article pointed out last summer there where 5 different European discount airlines flying between cities in Europe and the United States. It is also rumored that Europe’s largest discount airline – RyanAir will sometime in the future add routes to North America.
It is also rumored that Europe’s largest discount airline – RyanAir will sometime in the future add routes to North America. This article also from, USA Today would seem to confirm this.
Please note: that yes the fares can be cheaper and yes you can save a lot of money but only to selected cities and as discount airlines are working on a much smaller margin there is much more room for error, i.e. delays. Best before you fly with a discount airline read a review as can be found on

The Last Flight of a B-26

As I have done over the last few years I would like to share with you the story of an American B-26 that crashed in November 1944 near Plottes in Burgundy, killing all nine crewmembers. The morning of November 13, 1944 was foggy, rainy and cold, not flying weather, especially not for a B-26 bomber, known as a 'widow maker'. Under certain conditions, such as icing, the plane could vibrate violently and become unstable. Bad weather was not unexpected by the crew, but it may have meant something else to the B-26's US Army pilot, Richard Hisey; A native West Virginian. Hisey was used to winter weather back home. But the Burgundy weather he was flying in, was heavy fog and zero visibility, common in late fall or early winter. Hisey keep flying his plane, despite being advised to stop in Marseille, to secure a weather update. Continue reading.


Le Canard au Parapluie Rouge - Is a comfortable cozy country home and B&B. You will immediately feel welcomed and right at home. It is surrounded by fantastic medieval villages, stunning countryside, rivers & lakes, fishing, hiking trails, antique & ‘brocante’ shopping, chateaux and much more! You can fill every moment with these delights or by relaxing, reading, snoozing and just enjoying the sounds of country life. The location is perfect! Located in the Limousin with easy access from the A20 – Exit 19, it is right in the heart of Centre France. A perfect spot for a good night’s rest during your travels in France or stay awhile and explore this undiscovered gem of an area!

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