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NewsletterJune 2015

Coming in Nicely!

Grapes in Sounthern Burgundy on the vinyards of Domaine de l'Echelette. More photos here.
Also during my last trip to Burgundy I visited a goat farm with my son. We were able to try a few different types of goat cheese, including some I never tried before. Also tried yogurt made from goat's milk. After trying I'm not a big fan! You'll see in the video :).

Les Républicains

The main right wing party in France is now Les Républicains. The name has nothing to do with the American Republican party, but with the French Republic. About the worst thing one politician can call another in France is anti-Republican. Anti-Republican is like saying someone is unpatriotic in America. Modern France is built around a strong state - La Republique. Whose ideals aren't always lived up to, but is nevertheless ingrained in daily life.
Les Républicains were the UMP - Union pour un mouvement populaire. The name change is part of ex-President Nicolas Sarkozy's attempt reshape the main right wing part and move on from the Bygmalion affair and some shady bookkeeping. Sarkozy I think, also wants to reshape Les Républicains to help him become President. To a certain degree this follows French political tradition. The UMP had its roots in the RPR - Rassemblement pour la République that Jacques Chirac created in part to become president. On the left François Mitterrand used the PS - Parti socialiste as his springboard to the presidency in 1981.

Open Wine University

I've enrolled in the Open Wine University - Université de la Vigne et du Vin pour Tous. This free on-line course started May 21st, but it looks like you can still register. The site running it, is in beta but so far it's been working good. My first 'homework' was a tongue taste map. The course is 5 weeks and consists of videos in French with the possibility of English subtitles. I explain how to register.

Cluny Then & Now Street Walk

Back to Burgundy, for anyone in Southern Burgundy on June 13th, starting at 2pm, I'll be doing a free 'old postcard' walk in Cluny. Cluny is best known as the once home to the largest church in the world. We'll start in the center of town, seeing how the once church looked a 100 years ago and how it looks today. We'll continue through town and end at Cluny's once train station, now part of the Voie Verte bike path. Figure on two hours of walking. Please contact me if interested.

Jan & Jeff

It's been another busy month for Jan and Jeff, the regular Hangout I do with fellow American Jan Malleval. In May we talked about everything from eating road kill to building bridges.
Celebrating May Day with French Food, Napoleon & Lafayette - #12
WII Commemoration & Stories - #13
Thanking Listeners, Eating Road Kill & France's Route 66 - #14
Road Kill II, Irises & Miss from Home - #15
Open Wine University & French Two-Buck Chuck - #16

Mail Box & Social Media

Teresa's Photo Walks: Discover Chamonix and the Chamonix Valley in the French Alps as a local. Summer schedule 2015,
My French Coach: Learn French in Paris with a professional French teacher.
D-Day Band of Brothers Reunion Autograph Signings: June 4th at 5PM at the Hotel Villa-Lara in Bayeux €10 euro donation for entrance. June 7th at 11:30AM at the Utah Beach Museum in Sainte-Marie-du-Mont - €8 euro entrance fee to museum + 10 euro donation for autograph session.
French Film Festival USA: June 2nd through June 5th, 2014 - six extraordinary films in US ten cities.
French Lessons on Skype: French Language Lessons and Private Coaching with Llyane Stanfield @ J'Ouellette®

Almost Summer Reading (& Watching)

Hudson in Provence: Hudson, the lovable pooch who first appeared in Paris-Chien: Adventures of an Ex-pat Dog, is back and thirsting for new adventures--this time in the glorious south of France.
A Year in Champagne - DVD: The exploding cork. Endless tiny bubbles floating up and up in the glass. An indulgence. A celebration. A seduction. A triumph. This is the essence of Champagne, isn't it? But it's not just bubbles in a glass that makes the wine, or the mystique. Only sparkling wine produced within the boundaries of the Champagne region is truly "Champagne."
Lonely Planet eBooks: The complete range of travel guides from leading guide book publisher Lonely Planet. Books and downloadable ebooks direct from the publisher.
The French Intifada: The Long War Between France and Its Arabs: To fully understand both the social and political pressures wracking contemporary France--and, indeed, all of Europe--as well as major events from the Arab Spring in the Middle East to the tensions in Mali, Andrew Hussey believes that we have to look beyond the confines of domestic horizons. As much as unemployment, economic stagnation, and social deprivation exacerbate the ongoing turmoil in the banlieues, the root of the problem lies elsewhere: in the continuing fallout from Europe's colonial era.


Travel Wifi: Your own WiFi hotspot during your travels in France. Includes support for up to 10 devices with unlimited Internet access. 4G for all of Paris and other major cities and 3G for the rest of France. Americans in France readers get 5% off - use code TW149675.

An American In Brittany: 'Bienvenue Chez Moi!' Cheryl Ward welcomes you to her home and B & B. Located in the beautiful Cotes d'Armor region of Brittany, France, 30 minutes from the Roscoff ferry arriving from England, 25 minutes from Gare Morlaix, arriving from Paris, and directly along the GR34 national coastal walking and bicycle routes.
This cozy four bedroom 'Tables d'hotes' is a Breton stone home located directly across from the sea, bordered by a river and forest. Its country garden, butterflies and birds beckon you to stay awhile, breathe deeply, and step away from everyday life. Whether you stay one night, or many, experience France's well kept secret paradise…the beautiful Granite Rose Coast, while creating memories to last a lifetime!

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