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NewsletterFebruary 2009

Annecy 2018

In support of Annecy 2018.

Having lived through the 1984 summer Olympics in Los Angeles it’s possible I will experience the 2018 winter Olympics in Annecy, near where I live. Annecy along with Grenoble, Pelvoux and Nice is vying to be the French candidate for 2018. A decision will be made by the French Olympic committee in March of this year as to what city will represent France for 2018. Then a final decision by the International Olympic Committee will be made in 2011.
If Annecy does get the games, La Roche sur Foron where I live will be the press center. La Roche has a convention center that hosts a yearly international fair and other events and I presume is big enough to house the press that will cover the games. Other local towns will host other events, these include La Clusaz (ski jumping and cross-country skiing, this blog has more information about La Clusaz’s role), Megeve (Hockey) and Chamonix (Alpine Skiing). Annecy will have the Olympic village, opening and closing ceremonies and speed skating.
In early January La Roche had a rally in support of Annecy 2018. It was very cold but a lot of people came, including yours truly and son. You can see some photos I took.
Ever since the demonstration the Hôtel de Ville of La Roche has been flying the colors of Annecy 2018.
The official web site of Annecy 2018 is

French Food Traditions

The early part of any year in France has two food traditions that are fun to experience. The first is the Galette des Rois cake eaten around January 6th, the Epiphany feast day. There really aren’t any feasts nowadays. What there is, are bakeries that make Galette des Rois.
The tradition with the Galette des Rois is that inside each cake is a fève, a trinket whoever gets the fève is then the king or queen. A local bakery - Au Vieux Fournil has taken this tradition and made it into a celebration of local architecture. As their fèves are in fact a series of six small photos of well know buildings in La Roche. So far we have four out of the six but there are still a few days left to try our luck to get our missing fèves!
The other tradition is Fête de la Chandeleur on February 2nd when Crêpes are traditionally eaten. So far I haven’t found a bakery selling Crêpes. What I have found is that our local supermarket has a section for the ingredients needed to make Crêpes. So we were all set to go on February 2nd. How about you?


Paul Christensen is the author of Strangers in Paradise who was kind enough to send me a copy of his book. You can read a review here or order through . Strangers in Paradise isn’t your typical American moves to France book as the review points out.
Christopher Strong aka the Bicycle Gourmet has been sending me articles about his travels in France. Christopher also has a web site with a trailer of his show. Yes, show as Christopher had the good sense to bring along a video camera and record his travels.
Ally Wallace who I mentioned a few months ago now has a promotion via her web site for either the Hotel St Paul or the Hotel Littre in Paris. Booking either hotel will entitle you to two Musée d’Orsay Passes. Can’t beat that as I think the Musée d’Orsay is better than the Louvre!

RSS Feed

I recently moved my RSS feed to FeedBurner. This means that I changed the URL. If you are subscribed to my feed you should have been redirected to the new address - If you don’t know what a RSS feed is, it’s a way to keep up to date on any new articles on Americans in France.
To do this you will need to have a news aggregator (also called a news reader), like one that can be found at Bloglines. Some web browsers like Internet Explorer 7+ also have aggregation functionality. Just sign up – it’s free and then add my RSS feed -

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