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NewsletterFebruary 2007

Up Coming French Events:

  • February 2nd is the Fête de la Chandeleur. On this day Crêpes are traditionally eaten.

Skiing in Megeve

In my August 2006 newsletter I wrote about Mike Beaudet aka ‘Megeve Mike’ of Ski Pros Megeve. He is a private ski instructor located in Megeve, not far from where I live. Finally I met Mike in person and, better yet in action. That is, as his student. Mike called me on Thursday and said come to Megeve on Saturday. He had an opening and would give me and the family ski lessons over the weekend. Having never skied in my life I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was a little nervous about making a fool of myself but agreed to meet Saturday morning.
Well Mike not only taught me to ski, after, of course a number of falls, but he also taught my son, Samuel and my ski-phobic wife. At first we learned how to climb up the hill sideways so that we could get the hang of manipulating those long duck feet. Once we mastered that, we then took a conveyor belt aka the ‘magic carpet’ up the learning slope. It took me and Samuel a little longer than Marie-France, my wife to ski. Marie-France had a very bad ski experience when she was younger and really didn’t want to put on skis again. Interestingly it was Marie-France who seemed to get the most out of our ski weekend.
Once at the top we learned to ski. Mike took us one by one, first Marie-France who got it right away, then me and finally Samuel. With Mike in front, skiing back wards, I was given the poles and was told by Mike to straight arm him should I lose control and not be able to stop. Not stopping, happened a number of times! The trick I learned was to push into my boots with my shins. Keeping pressure on the boots and thus the skis is how the skis are controlled. By the second day, we spent two hours on Saturday and four on Sunday skiing, I was able to make it down the green slope by myself with out falling!
To see photos of our ski weekend click here.


Free Investment Seminar

Anyone in Paris on Tuesday January 30th might think about stopping by the American Cathedral Library (23, avenue George V 75008 Paris). There will be a free investment seminar taking place at that time. This will include free portfolio analysis and, this being France wine and cheese will follow.
This seminar is courtesy of Atlanta Investment Advisors, inc. If you don’t think you can make the seminar, you can still get the free portfolio analysis, from Lawrence P. Rohbeck, who is running the seminar. He will be in Paris from January 26th until February 3rd Contact Larry to schedule an appointment. For more information please see - Free U.S. Investment Seminar or e-mail Larry directly at .

Relaxing Vacation Location

La Maillerie - Looking for a relaxing place to stay in Southwest France? Then you might think about La Maillerie. It’s a three-gite complex nestled in the Perigord Vert, in the triangle formed by the Dordogne, Charente and Limousin regions. Accommodations are spacious and comfortable, with private terraces equipped with garden furniture and a BBQ for those long summer days which beg for outdoor cooking.

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