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NewsletterJanuary 2004

What have I learned lately?

  • The President of France, Jacques Chirac, has a hearing aid. In some counties this would be a tidbit news item quickly forgotten by the public. In the French culture personal privacy is to be respected even with politicians, the story was the story and why was it anyone business other than Chirac's and his family.
  • In France you can't kill a boar over 60 kilos. A hunter did this near my in-laws farm. The hunter risks the lost not only of his hunting license, but also of his driving license and car!
  • When a cow gives birth, often the calf needs to be pulled out. Recently I helped my brother in law birth a calf. Pulling a calf is hard work, for the cow and her assistants. Both of us were required to pull the calf out. I'm happy to report both mother and child are in good health. .

Up Coming French Events:

  • The winter sales start on January 7th and last for four to five weeks depending on the department. For a complete list see - Winter Sales in France 2004.
  • The Prix d'Amérique, France's premier horse race is January 25, 2004 at the Paris - Vincennes racetrack. The Prix d'Amérique created in 1920 and was named as a thank you for the help the United States gave to France in World War I.
  • Paris-Dakar rally starts January 1st to January 18th. The race is like the tour de France. Instead of bikes the riders use a range of cars, motorcycles and even trucks. There are 17 stages in the event, with one off day.

Christmas Dinner

We had a special treat, Chapon. Chapon is an eight-month-old rooster not gutted when killed. Instead the Chapon is wrapped tightly in a cloth with the head attached. Leaving the head attached keeps in the grease, resulting in more flavors. The Chapon is cooked in two stages. First it is boiled still wrapped in the cloth, in a vegetable soup broth for twenty minutes. Then the Chapon is unwrapped, gutted and baked for one hour per kilo with temperature set to low. This was our Christmas Eve Dinner Menu. Terrine (Mix of ground meats cooked together, very similar to Pâté) Salmon Chapon with cooked walnuts along with Salsaifi Assorted Cheeses Buche de Nöel (A cake in the shape of a log)


For any of you that are thinking of moving to France or are already here but still have questions, I am pleased to offer you the chance to learn more about French culture and living in France through two seminars. Click here for more info - Living in France Seminars.

Happy New Year!

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