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French Moving PlannerProperty Owners FAQs about Taxes in France

Property owners FAQs about income taxes in France from Property Tax International.

As a non-resident in France do I need to file a French tax return?
Yes, where income is received in French you must submit a French tax return before the French tax authorities. The type of French tax return will depend on the type of property you own.

I have a French leaseback property, what are my French tax obligations?
As a non-resident French leaseback property owner you are obliged to file a French income tax return. Under the French leaseback scheme rental income incurs French VAT at a rate of 5.5% which leads to a French business tax also having to be filed as VAT is charged on rents received.

I have a French furnished property, what are my French tax obligations?
As a non resident French furnished property owner you are obliged to file a French income tax return. Income from French furnished property is treated as commercial income. Non-resident French furnished property owners with French Income can benefit from a simplified scheme of French tax return called Micro-BIC or alternatively they can opt out of this regime and filing their French income tax on an actual receipts/costs basis.

I received rents from my French unfurnished property. What are my French Tax obligations?
As an owner of a French unfurnished property, non resident in France are obliged to file a real property French tax return. Income from land or unfurnished buildings is taxed on income received less allowable expenses. Non-resident French unfurnished property owners can benefit from a simplified scheme called Micro-Fonciers; this method of taxation allows for a deduction of 30% for related costs when arriving at your French taxable income.

I have supplementary sources of income in France outside my French property income. Do I need to file a French tax return?
Other income in France e.g. French deposit interest or income from Life assurance policies is either taxed at source or exempt – please contact Property Tax International for further details.

What French taxes, in addition to the French income tax, I am liable to as French property owner?
Non-resident French property owners are liable to French wealth tax on gross asset values in excess of €790,000 for 2009 (€770,000 from 2008). French wealth tax is a direct tax levied on your net assets (car, property, bank accounts etc) located in France as at 1 January each year.

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