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Need Help for Your Departure from France?

Navigating France’s administrative procedures is no easy task. Even for French natives it can be difficult to know what to do and when. It’s only natural that the checklist is often overwhelming to Anglophones.

Seemingly small tasks like cancelling your cell phone plan, your home Internet, and leaving your home or rental property are not always straightforward.

When Claire Pinatel founded Expateo in 2015, she was a French expat living in Turkey. With an American grandmother and three expat experiences of her own – she’s also lived in the United States and The Republic of Congo – you could say that expatriation is in Claire’s blood. Her own experiences have motivated her to help others.

Expateo has developed web applications that simplify and explain what steps to take when moving from France. Our applications and support services are available entirely in English. A personalized planning application (Plan & Go) allows users to build a departure checklist and automate their move with a calendar and programmable alerts customized to their situation.

Moving to France?

Expateo is also developing software to accompany expats preparing a move to France from anywhere in the world. We aim to have our arrival services operational by mid-2017.

About Expateo

Located in France’s picturesque Basque country, the startup’s team is made up entirely of expatriates. We are either French who have lived abroad, or foreigners now living in France.  Each member of the team has a different story of the move to or from France, and that gives us a personal perspective to offer our clients.

No expat should have to feel alone. Not all expats move for a job where the company coordinates their relocation. Not everyone can or should pay a lawyer’s fee for answers to simple questions.

Whether you are moving for three months, a year, or permanently, make sure you get the answers you need. And never forget an important step.

For more information at Expateo.

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