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Fractional Ownership in Paris: Small Cost, Big Benefits - Part 3

Courtesy of Paris Property Finders

With these benefits, co-ownership is an ideal model for certain purchasers. “Vacation homes and pied-à-terres may be prohibitively expensive and can be a lot of work to manage from afar,” said Ms. Bothe. “The co-ownership option is very exciting, because it makes it possible for people to maintain a foothold in a fabulous destination, with their own luxurious apartment, for a comparatively small cost and minimal hassle. Moreover, by keeping ownership to a small group of five owners, the property retains a spirit of privacy and ownership that is lost in fractional ownership properties with 10 or more owners. Our clients appreciate the exclusivity of this structure.

I am often approached by buyers with a budget that otherwise could not buy them a quality, income-generating property in Paris, or people who are hesitant to step into the unfamiliar world of owning property abroad. I am really pleased to now be able to tell them that, yes, they do have a viable option open to them.”

Co-owners in fractional properties still enjoy some of the benefits of sole ownership: they can store personal items in the apartment when not in residence, and can offer their use time to family and friends. What’s more, these fractional ownership properties are linked into a property exchange network, so each co-owner can trade weeks in their Paris property with stays in any of more than a thousand properties around the world.

The fractional ownership properties offered by Paris Property Finders also contemplates an exit strategy. Owners can decide among themselves, but ordinarily the property is sold after 10 years, and the owners enjoy their share of the capital gains on the sale. Return on investment in real estate in the Paris market remains strong, as prices continue to rise vigorously – averaging over 10% a year.

Will this up-trend continue? Probably yes. For one thing, Paris is the most visited tourist destination in the world. So there is no end to the demand for good rental properties, especially larger apartments in the most coveted neighborhoodsAt the same time, real estate in Paris remains better priced than other major European capitals such as London, Rome, Dublin, Madrid, and Zurich. Finally, for savvy investors, owning a great property in Paris has the added benefit of diversifying assets into a strong and rising currency. Thus, even with the strong Euro, a medium- to long-term investment in Paris offers excellent growth possibilities.

Fractional ownership has opened up this investment and vacation market like never before, offering an accessible alternative for owning and enjoying a second home in Paris. For more information, visit Fractional Ownership Available Properties or request additional information.

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