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Moving PlannerParis Comedy TV Show

Paris expats create comedy TV show about living in Paris

By John Sannaee, London-based freelance writer and editor

A group of Paris-based ex-pats, head up by Kiwi filmmaker Melissa Bamford, are currently developing a cross-cultural comedy drama series following the trials and tribulations of life on foreign soil.

Paris Je T’aime Moi Non Plus/Paris I hate to love you, follows English woman Jane as she embarks upon a Parisian adventure, facing the kind of everyday challenges all too familiar to those of us who have decided to make our way as expats.

The story is based upon a blog started by Christine Hooper, an English expat who took to the internet to document – and rant about – the difficulties of living in the world’s most beautiful city. The situations in the series are based on real experiences and situations that have happened to Hooper and her friends. With fellow actress – and expat - Eirin Forsberg, she developed the idea for a series, before approaching Aucklander Ms Bamford to come on board to produce it. Bamford says that the script “just talked to me: I’ve gone through very similar experiences living here in Paris.”

Melissa’s first role on the project was to look into funding to create a pilot: initial application procedures appeared tiring and lengthy, so she says she harnessed her Kiwi go-getting spirit to look into other options. Finally the three women chose crowd-funding, as it is “all about people power, and every one euro or one 'like' on social media platforms such as Facebook helps promote the show.” With crowd-funding, “you have to show something to the public, which is why we made a little teaser to give you a taste of the characters, filmed in Paris across three days on borrowed time, money, air and energy.”

This is where you can help: have a look at the project on Kiss Kiss Bank Bank and see if it speaks to you too – crowd-funding is reliant on an interested, and generous, public donating their money to make Melissa, Christine and Eirin’s project a hilarious reality.

The women intend to use funds – as well as their own sweat, blood and raw talent – to make pilots in both English and French to sell to networks in both the Anglophone and Francophone world. Melissa points out that when they have shown clips to the French they say “that’s not Parisians” and the English see Jane and say “that’s not how we are,” but she points out that this light-hearted look at expat life is “not just laughing at the French and not just laughing at the English as well” but is a dual depiction of the often amusing everyday realities of both cultures.

Support Paris je t'aime moi non plus - Paris , I hate to love you

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