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Moving PlannerChildcare in France

English-speaking babysitters in Paris

France has an excellent child care system that is as close to universal as possible. From the age of birth to 2 ½ - 3 a child can be placed in either a Crèche (Communal Nursery) or in the home of an Assistante Maternelle (Nanny). Once a child reaches the ages of between 2 ½ - 3 he or she can be enrolled in an école maternelle (Pre-School). None of these are compulsory as schooling in France is not obligatory until a child reaches the age of 5 years.

Quality childcare costs in the 300 to 400 dollar a month range, depending on the amount of time a child spends in daycare.

In practical terms finding a Crèche's with space can be hard, it is recommended that once a couple knows they are going to have a baby they register at their local Crèche so as to have a place reserved. A list of Crèches can be found at the local Mairie (Town Hall) for large cities a list can be found at the Mairie du Quartier (Neighborhood Town Hall).

Finding a Assistante Maternelle is much like finding a Crèche, a list can be found at the local Mairie or Mairie du Quartier. With the list in hand it is up to the parents to find and then interview the potential Assistante Maternelles.

Assistante Maternelle's are regulated by the state and must be certified, regularly inspected and attend classes. Depending on the ages of the children an Assistante Maternelle can have from one to five children in her care.

The parents employ the Assistante Maternelle, with the parents paying the take home salary and the state paying the social, health and retirement benefits. It is possible for the parents to receive state aid that pays some of the Assistante Maternelle salary, for this to happen the parents need to declare that they have hired the Assistante Maternelle. This is done through the URSAFF.

It is much easier to find an Assistante Maternelle than it is to find a Crèche. Most times one can be found near where the parents live.

Once an Assistante Maternelle is hired a contract is signed, this list the agreed salary plus the hours the Assistante Maternelle will take care of the child. The parents pay the Assistante Maternelle monthly and need to fill out a pay slip every time she gets paid. The pay slip will calculate the amount the of social, health and retirement benefits that Assistante Maternelle will receive.

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