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French MortgagesBest French Mortgage

Courtesy of Best French Mortgage

If you’re an American looking to invest in real estate in France and you need a mortgage, then Best French Mortgage can help you. Best French Mortgage works with the best French banks to get your French property investment off to a secure, fuss-free start.

Best French Mortgage is a professional English-speaking mortgage brokers based in France. An important difference between using Best French Mortgage and the traditional long-established French brokers to find you a financing solution is that Best French Mortgage does not charge clients a mortgage arrangement fee, called a “dossier” fee in French. Best French Mortgage does not have to support a nationwide office network for French borrowers. Using Best French Mortgage could save you 2% in administrative charges.

Using a mortgage broker to find you a mortgage reduces hassle at a time acknowledged by all to be stressful. Many French banks will also give you a bank account at the same time as a mortgage, another headache solved. We can assist with all types of French property investments, including purchase of a main home or holiday home or investment in a Leaseback project. We can also find reverse mortgages if you want to get your money out of French real estate to finance the next step of your life, yet aren’t ready or able to sell up completely.

For clients who are buying a leaseback, mortgage interest charges can be offset against rental income, thus reducing your tax liability. We work with French banks that specialise in leasebacks; part of their service (at no extra charge) is to examine your leaseback contract and the quality and reputation of the developers. Some of the advantages (and disadvantages) are examined on the website.

Mortgages in France are usually offered with fixed or variable rates. A fixed rate is just that, for the whole duration of the mortgage, so there will be no uncertainty about the complete cost. Variable rates can vary, but only by 1 or 2 percent from the starting point, offering you, the consumer, greater protection throughout.

To obtain a French mortgage, French banks need to see proof of your civil status, details of your intended purchase and evidence that you can afford to repay the loan. Under French consumer law, repayments are usually limited to about one third of your means. Best French Mortgage will advise you on the documentation you must produce – this is especially important for non-EU clients. We will be pleased to obtain an “offer in principle” for you, so that you can finalise your choice in confidence.

For more information see - Mortgage Enquiry Form

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