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French Culture - Little Known Facts

  • In Paris you are never more that 400 meters from a subway station.
  • The Marseillaise, the French national anthem, was first sung in Strasbourg, not Marseille.
  • The novel La Disparition(Disappeared) by Georges Perec, in its original French does not use the letter 'e'.
  • In French two weeks is in fact 15 days, quinze jours.
  • When the President of France eats a Gallette des Rois, a traditional cake eaten in early January, it can't have an fève, a small token, in it. Who ever will get the fève is the king or queen for the day, but of course the President of France can't be royalty.
  • French politicians can simultaneously hold more than one elected office.
  • Lefevre is the most popular last name in France.
  • There are 27 wine regions in France.
  • Comté cheese is best eaten 30 months after it is made.

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