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Date: Wednesday, August 31, 2005
Message: HELLO,

Is anyone, please, nice to give me information about the life in "NICE"? We are planning to move over there in few years and I do not know anyone to provide us some candid information. I am Romanian born and an American citizen for 2 decades. I am married for 25 years and we are targeting to move in south of France because we love it. We do not know anything about south of the country, but we visited Normandy and Paris. Even so, we love better or better say the temperate weather. New England is OK in the summer and fall, but winter is long and too cold for us.

Replies Posted 4.

Name Thomas Reddaway
Message I saw your message on the web and thought that we may be able to help. We are a small bilingual property company situated in the french alps and we specialize in the finance of properties, mainly with american and english clients, including advice of tax and inheritance laws, among other legal and cultural matters.

Feel free to give me a call and we can chat about your quiery: 0033 664 08 13 36 or alternatively send me an email at [email protected]

Our purpose is really to help people just like you, perhaps you see a new life across the atlantic but aren't quite sure how to reach it? We can do some ground research for you so that things are nicely set up for when you arrive.

I look forward to hearing from you, alternatively, get in contact through our website:

kind regards,

Tom Reddaway

Name marian
Message Thank you so much for very honest information. I am not sure if I wish to work in France (or I will be able to work), I am 51 now and a lot of years to come. Im imagine how difficult is to start allover again, especially when you not a French native. We looking for a warm weather for retirement and hopefully with a small reserve we have and a social security from US will be able to live decent. We built a house ourselves 10 years ago and we hope to sell it with a good price. We are living now in Orange, which has very high taxes (pay now 9 figures per year-not enough money left with a 900 dollars S.S.per month, but on the other hand, the property value is high too. As an Electrical Engineer, I hope I will find something to work (if I need to)and to pay the taxes in France. We did not have vacations and other luxury in here other than to work and be part of all disasters in this country. From outside view America is beautiful, but must be lucky person here and have a right job in the right place. You need a lot of money to pay your bills even so not a social life. People are very cold and everyone is talking about money nothing else. No culture in America, education is very low. Thank you again for the nice people to respond to us.

Name Lori
Message don't live on the Cote d' Azure, but live 30 minutes from Avignon. If you would like information on this part of France (far different from the Cote), just post. Can provide whatever data you would like.

Name S
Message So this is just a quick summary, I lived in Antibes off and on for a couple of years. You weren't clear about whether you are going to look for work or not, or if you are E.U. citizins. (Though Romania will be elgible in a few years, non?) For non-E.U. work is VERY hard to come by, unless you work as a domestic, or on yachts. The reason is so many British citizens live there (French is almost the 2nd language). However it is possible with a little resourcefullness. It is EXPENSIVE. I found rentals to be equilvilant to those in Paris, but most of the time in crummier locations. Everthing cost more from cheese, to coffee, to toothpaste.

From May-August the area is impossible, because the world descends on the cote d'azur. You can't walk for the tourists, it is hot, and it takes about an hour to drive anywhere, and once you get there it takes another hour to find a place to park.

Having said that, in the off season the whole cote d'azur is a nice place to be, even St. Tropez feels like the fishing village it once was. The weather is nice, and there is a close international community, wether you are into yachting or not. Not to mention, you are close to Italy, the Alps, even Paris isn't that far.

Try the AngloINFO:Riviara web sit for more info.

Good Luck

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