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Subject: Searching for housing
Date: Tuesday, June 28, 2005
Name: Beth
Message: I have the opportunity to teach english in Creteil this October. It appears, however, that I will need a lot of money to travel to France and spend on an apartment. Is it possible that someone like myself could stay in student housing, although I am no long er a student? It seems like apartments cost more that I will be paid. I don't have the luxury to bring lots of money with me. I will be depending on the pay of the job, which is gross of 800 euros. Do you have any ideas??

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Name marian
Message 800 Euro is not $666, Euro is 1.241679 $'s, so mathematically talking is approximately $994, which is a lot of money for them. French people should not forget their sloppy Francs they use to have, when they love and idolatries American dollar (like Asians BUDA) no longer than few years ago. They are harsh on Americans now, but still 800 Euro is a lot of money for their standards and way to work. We are living tough in US, working to the bone and someone just said :How come they believe that our houses are cheaper and we pay less taxes-I will offensively say: BALONY. We have relatives in Paris and inform a little bit about the life in France. They do have more vacations then anybody on the planet and lean to much on foreigner as Hollywood movie stars on Mexicans. Ya, if you are foolish that will be a lot of crooks to fool on you. Look for decent people; they do have a lot of nice, honest people, serious workers like in US, very helpful and eager to learn English. Read more newspapers, advertisings and go for it !!!

Name S
Message Every town has a housing office that helps people find housing at all levels. (Not everyone living in France/Creteil has a lot of money). However, in order to rent an apartment it is usually required to prove you have a living permit, and proof of a job and income, and then many people won't rent to foreigners. I don't think you can stay in student housing. I would suggest sharing an apartment with someone looking for a roomate. It is possible to find very reasonable housing like this in Paris. I have always found that it is easier to find housing once you are in France, check the announces, (little papers available everywhere), local grocery stores post announcements, student bulletin boards etc... What is your teaching situation they should be able to help. Paris papers have a lot more options and very often have listings for the suburbs. Try the FUSAC website (small announcements), and don't forget the American Church in Paris.

Like anywhere,be expected to have first, last, and rent/deposit ready. Also water and electricity can be very expensive. Again, depending on your work sitiuation you may be able to supplement your income by giving private lessons or babysitting. $800/ Euro $666 month is NOT alot in France(especially in that area). If this is a once in a lifetime thing you might consider borrowing some money just so you can have fun, and see France.

Good luck and have fun! Simone

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