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Subject: What's good about france
Date: Sunday, April 17, 2005
Name: JS
Message: there are few questions that puzzle me, maybe someone preferably American who is living in France can answer this for me:

Why many people from America are moving to France?

Is life in France better than life in the US?

Is it expensive there to live?

Please explain.

Thank you

Replies Posted 4.

Name Valerie
Message No, life in France is not necessarily 'better' than in the USA, but it can be different.

It is expensive to live here. It's cheaper the further away you are from big cities, of course. But that also means that job opportunites get scarcer and scarcer the further away you go.

Pardon my directness, but why would being here rid you of all the things you think are making you unhappy?

As for chain stores like Home, you should see the DIY stores that are everywhere here! It's the latest trend.

The architecture here can indeed be interesting but all cities have good and bad buildings...most city halls are abominable.

Some touristy places have started to try to recapture the charm of the past; others just redo everything from scratch to make it all look shiny and new (which is more pleasing to many German and British tourists).

If you manage to live in a neighborhood where you can actually do all your shopping in small shops (I've got them on my street but I can't say I use them much), you won't have to see the huge chain DIY stores on a daily basis, but you'll have to go there anyway as you won't find everything you need in the shops near your apartment or house.

And buying in your corner shop is always more expensive than at a supermarket. Always.

As for stopping and smelling the roses, sure, again, if you live in a place far far the congested larger cities. But my question to you would be this: can you not find quiet places to live in the USA? I know lots of people who live in quiet out of the way places in the USA that are very pleasant to live in.

If you don't speak French, then you might want to consider living in places with a substantial English-speaking community already in place. It would ease the transition.

Just beware of idealizing France. I'm not saying that you might not find your dream life here, but the French are not going to offer it up to you on a silver platter.

The more means you have, obviously, the more you will be able to offer yourself.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

Name JS
Message Thank you guys, I am just scared to make my move. I don't care for the money I make here in the US. The stress here first made me developed heart problems and later cancer ( I am serious!). I am only 42 years old. The hell life I live here made me look like fifty.

I start to think "crew" the dollar I want my normal life back, free of fast food, free of cities that look alike, free of home depots and Best Buys and commercialized places alike. FRANCE I LOVE YOU!

Name D
Message to continue.... =o)

If you don't mind parting with family, and the familiarites and creature comforts of the US, then France can be a wonderful place to live.

The French tend to be easy going people with a "take time to smell the roses" type of attitude. In the US it's all about work, money, and always being on the go. It's no wonder why a lot of Americans are depressed or stressed out.

Not to say the French don't have problems, but it's the way in which they deal with them that works to their benefit.

France may not be for everyone, but I believe it is a great place to live. ;o)

- D, American in France

Name D
Message JS,

People move to France for many different work, study, some people even move here for love (long distance relationships can be a beautiful thing!).

I enjoy the French way of life as opposed to life in the US, but not everyone feels the same. The language can be difficult to learn, and adjusting to a new culture is not always easy.

It can be expensive to live in France depending on the area, and whether you want a house or an apartment. In some ways France might be more expensive than Florida, but less expensive than New York.

If you don't mind parting with family


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