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Subject: France post Iraq
Date: Sunday, June 01, 2003
Name: Gary Warburton
Message: My wife and I along with another couple just returned from three weeks in France. We spent a week in the Bordeaux area, a week in the Dijon area and a week in Paris. We were very apprehensive before leaving due to what we thought was the huge amount of USA resentment in France. This was our 5th trip to France and I can say that we were never welcomed more warmly than on this trip. The people in the countryside were delightful and were happy to see Americans and the people in Paris were very nice and helpful. There were days of public strikes and we were treated as "special guests". The French went out of their way to see that we made connections and had good care. We were delighted with our visit. It seems that the general population and the government are not quite of the same mind. My thought is that anyone planning a trip to France should have a wonderful adventure.

Gary Warburton California


Replies Posted 4.

Name Gillian (please note underscore line in e-mail)
Message Hello,

Just read your 'letter' about your visits to France and happy what you had what you have to say.I am writing (a needle in the haystack!) as one never knows! I am an English woman, also u.s. citizen, well educated and travelled, (endeavouring at this point to get into the world of narration for documentaries.)

That aside, I plan to move to France this year in search of a property possibly with income potential. I have travelled alone before (last year the Dordogne and Provence) but would love to find another interested in property searching to share expertise, safe good company, etc. My children are grown - one in Gloucestershire, one in California - and I hope to settle in France! They will certainly be happy to visit - will probably see more of them! Love to hear from you. .... Gillian

Name karen
Message hi gary

I am french living in paris and i am so glad to read what you wrote. By the way I have to add dome stuffs about what was going on with Irak , I don't know if you noticed but france never answered back to the senseless attacks from the us government, we don't hate americans at all but just disagree with the american president , an allie is not someone who follow you blindly but try to show the other way that you want it or not. I love the americans with all my heart , i travel often in your country but I haven't since this war too , i am kinda scared because of what I read or heard about french people in USA. Our both countries have been through more important things than that in the past , it's not just a stupid politic disagreement that must keep us apart :o)

Have a nice day Karen

Name Marie
Message Hi Karen,

I wanted to reply because you said you were scared about coming to the US after the war started. I'm french living in the US and things were a little rough at first. People threw eggs at my door and we had nasty notes put on our door. My husband has had a very hard time at his work because they treat him like he should answer to them for what france decided to do.

I've heard that where I live it's a little worse because it's "the south" but that in other places like california and thing, it's not quite as bad. On the up note, things have quieted down now and people need to start moving on but I know we'll hear about this for a long time.

Name Dave
Message I'd like to reply to Marie's post. We're almost in september 2003 now. I guess ur husbands' colleagues will have to apologize. I dont think he will hear anyone there boasting about Iraq and the so-called "cheese-eating surrender monkeys". I know only one type of monkeys : the ones who supported the aggression, and the ones who loved watching Bush landing on the aircraft carrier in May (they are the same !). What Bush did on that day was awfully "low-class", as my wife uses to say.






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