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Subject: Looking to teach English in France
Date: Thursday, February 17, 2005
Name: Maxwell
Message: Hello, I am a recent college graduate interested in finding a English teaching job in France. I am aware of the difficulty involved in trying to obtain work in France if you're not 1.) a citizen or 2.) hold a EU passport.

What are the necessary steps to take in order to find a English teaching assignment if you are starting from scratch. As in my case, I am currently located in Atlanta, Ga; my French is good but not advanced, however I am currently taking private lessons in order to become more fluent.

Replies Posted 8.

Name Valerie
Message It seems to me that the easiest thing to do is be part of an exchange program for language teachers - perhaps there is one connected to your university. They set up a job for you.

Once the school district (rectorat/academie) knows you through that 1st experience, they will usually arrange for you to keep working the next school year, if there are places available.

Good luck.

Name Sarah
Message Also if you want to be a teacher but don't speak french they are some good offers for part time jobs in french companies (EDF, dior...). That's what my mother does she teaches buisness english to employees and gets a decent salary. They call you when they need you. She works for Forma 2+ and Wallstreet english (you don't need qualifications for this company you just have english conversations with French ) but you can find other jobs of that sort on

Name Maxwell
Message Hey Kylie,

I heard about being able teach english as an Assistant or Lecteur, but wasn't sure if the job required any teaching experience, as I have none(apart from helping my ukrainian co-worker with minor english translations and pronunciations).

I checked out the Teaching Assistant program on the site and unfortunately it looks like I missed the deadline for the 2005-2006 year. However, I'll keep looking.

If you would like, you can contact me at: [email protected] if you have any additional info or advice.

Thanks for you help!

A tout a l'heure.

Name Kylie
Message Hi,

Why don't you look into becoming an assitant (teaching English in Lycee's and College's)or a Lecteur in a University. This is the way I did it and I stayed for 4 years doing 2 years of each. It is a 7 month contract for an assistant and a yearly contract for Lecteur. Both are renewable once. It is not a bad way to get here, have your visa paid for, as well as to make a bit of money at the same time.

Have a look into it it is worth the effort.

You need to contact the 'rectorat'. Maybe look it up over the net.

Good luck

a bientot, Kylie

Name Maxwell
Message Thanks for info. Will keep in touch.

Name j stotz
Message Well, as far as i know, u must apply for ur course before leaving america, or go there, apply, get back to america, get ur visa, and then go back again, which is not very reasonable. The reason for this procedure is that the french government (i might be wrong) doesnt change ur status(if u enter without visa and ur passport get stamped on the costums u cant stay for more than 90 days as an american citizen withing the schengen area which france is a part of) from tourist to resident or u name it. i think u can apply for your carte de séjour if you are enrolled in any course that has 20 hours/week or more and if the instituiton is covered by the french social security system as a learning place. i really recommend you to check out some home pages like this one: which provides useful information and offers for native english speakers willing to work abroad as teachers, i think in this page u wont get any france job offer, but im sure there's some offers in this kind of ESL, EFL, TESOL jobs and guides homepages. if u have any more questions or doubts or if u want get anything translated u can email me at: [email protected]

Name Maxwell
Message Hello J Stotz,

So if I were to come and stay three months (which my passport allows) and was looking to enroll in a course of some kind, would I still have to be a resident or hold any papers in order to enroll?

Furthermore, would I have to right to apply for a "Carte de Séjour" in France if enrolled in a course?

Name J Stotz
Message well the best way for u to get a job as a english teacher is to find ur job before u leave, and arrange it with the employer, as far as i remember there's plenty of jobs worldwide for EFL(im not sure about that) teachers... try google and find some for you... u have to find it before u leave the us to get ur visa and everything (u can't arrive as a tourist in france and then get a job... maybe only if u hit the jackpot that might be possible) the other way is to find any kind of courses to take(french language, culture, ANYTHING), this way u can stay legally in france and give some private english classes at 10-15 euros/hour.


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