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Subject Car Service from CDG to Mantes-La-Jolie
Name Sam
Message Hello,

I will be arriving in CDG at a time when my French host will not be able to pick me up at the airport without having to wait for several hours. I thought it might be easiest for all if I could hire a car service, taxi, limo, whatever it is called in France, to drive me from CDG to Mantes-La-Jolie.

If anyone can suggest where to look on the internet, or who to contact, in order to arrange such a service, please advise. Also, if anyone knows what such a service might cost, I'd be interested in knowing that too.

I can rent a car from AVIS at CDG for about 80 Euro for a day and return it in Mantes La Jolie, but after flying for 13 hours, transfering planes in Amsterdam, and probably not sleeping thru any of it, I'd rather those not be the conditions under which I'll be driving in France for the first time.

Any help or advice that can be offered would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


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Name Tom Jones
Message There's no direct route from CDG to Mantes. I looked on the SNCF web site and they foresee two transfers, both in Paris. Here is the train schedule from Paris to Mantes. Of course you have to get yourself to Gare St. Lazare.

You may want to rent the car.

I can understand your trepidation about driving in France for the first time. It can be like driving around Boston/New York/Chicago. Mantes is only 60 KM from Paris and probably a highway drive from CDG. Not fun but easier than going through Paris. When are you flying in? The best times to fly into Paris is during the weekend especially Sunday. Less traffic on Saturday and little on Sunday. Not so the rest of the week. Also, there are demonstrations all month of May which could impeed your trek. I don't know if airport workers are going on strike as they would be the only ones holding you up. Most demonstrations are in Paris and you shouldn't have to drive through there. Are you sufficiently freaked out?

You might want to drive as opposed to the train. How many people in your party? How much luggage? Nothing worse than lugging luggage on the metro during rush hour. Plus, you become a target for pickpockets.

Well, just some ramblings....

Name Sam
Message Hi Tom,

Thank you for your response.

I arrive at 3:30pm on a Thursday. Cant imagine i'll be on the road before 5:00pm after waiting for luggage, and immigration control. If I rent the car, that puts me right in the middle of rush hour traffic. The drive would be almost 100% highway driving.

Since my original post I've gotten a price quote for an airport transfer (car service) of 110 Euros. The car rental would be 80 Euros, so for the extra 30 Euros, the car service is a viable alternative. Just not sure which I will choose. Driving would be an adventure, and less costly. Just not sure if this is the right time and circumstance for an adventure.

There is only me in my party. The train is not an option, I'll have too much luggage (staying almost 1 month). I found out today i may not even have to worry about getting to Mantes at all. My friend who I'm staying with is a teacher and he says the teachers union will go on strike next Tuesday. He's anticipating it will be a long one. If the strike is still ongoing when I arrive on the 15th, he can be at the airport at the necessary time.

I do appreciate your response. Gave me much to think about!







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