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Subject: teaching english as a foreign language
Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2003
Name: Marie
Message: Hi!

I'm from France and my husband is a US Citizen. I was wondering if anyone has gone through a teaching english as a second language course online and gotten a job there.

Or if you got a job in France, what school did you go to and what kind of degree did you get?

Thanks :)


Replies Posted 6.

Name Valerie
Message Hello:

As far as diplomas go, I teach English and don't have a teaching diploma. I do have a BA. I got the experience on the job by bluffing my way through it. Necessity is the mother of invention!!

When I first came to France, schools wanted you to have a CAPES. But if you are mother-tongue or bilingual and you look for work in the private sector, they are much less difficult.

They like you to have a college degree and some experience teaching ESL. Why not get some experience with that before leaving the US...?

Taking a course couldn't hurt, but I don't think it's a necessity.

It depends on what you hope to do. Do you want to sit a 'concours' and become a civil servant? Then you have to be a French citizen.

Best wishes,


Name Marie
Message Well it's for my husband. I am French and he isn't but he will be once the embassy gets their act together.

He is learning french and doing well. It's for him, not me, I don't think I have the patience to teach. I know about the CAPES.

What we are thinking is getting him a certificate to teach english as a foreign language and then when he is done with his bachelor's, go for the masters perhaps.

I just have no idea what the need for tesl is in France. My brother said the universities want you to have a doctorate in linguinstics and stuff like that but he didn't know much more. I don't think he would want to teach there but maybe in institutes or high school?

Where do you teach? In which city?

Name valerie
Message I have taught in private language schools in Luxembourg and here in St Malo. I am currently working for a business school that is attached to the French Chambers of Commerce. I also do nite classes and even lessons by phone (not the Ch of Commerce). Your husband would have no problem finding work in these areas if he can convince them that he has ESL experience. Obviously, his French is going to be important.

There are lots of langauge schools here now. A bigger city would be a better place to start for your husband. The smaller you get, the less ESL work there is.

In a bigger city, you could easily find teaching jobs at once, just in case.

Good luck,


Name Marie
Message Thanks :)

We're working on his French now, he is doing pretty good!

We'll probably go to Strasbourg or something because that's where I'm from.

On verra.... Merci encore!

Name Si
Message Interesting stuff. I have been an EFL teacher for about 7 years now and am considering a move to France in the near future. Anyone know of any good websites for jobhunting?

Merci beaucoup

Name ingram jones
Message dear marie i saw your conversation with a woman named valarie on this website. i was wondering if u could assist me in contacting her. she had some very interesting things to say about teaching english in france. in jan. i'm coming to france and i would like to find a job as an english instructor. as i am not an eu citizen i would like to know if it is possible for me to find any work legally. i have 4 years of esl expereiance in asia. i have taught from the coporate level all the way to elementary school children.

any information that u can give would be greatly appreciated.

sincerely ingram l. jones [email protected]






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