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Subject: moving to France: take the bed or leave it?
Date: Thursday, August 05, 2004
Name: Susie
Message: I am marrying a Frenchman and will be moving to France at the beginning of September. My question is this...I want to bring enough of my belongings so that I "feel" at home, but not so much as to have to pay an arm and a leg. I thought about shipping my bed over, but now I'm not sure. Would it be cheaper to send it over or buy a nice, new bed completetly? Also, I cook/write for a living and need all of my kitchen equipment. Has anyone taken a Kitchen Aid mixer and Cuisinart food processor to use in France? Is an adapter/converter enough? I'm not sure that anyone can help with this, but I'm throwing it out there!


Replies Posted 4.

Name max
Message We have a kitchen aid mixer. We had to have a special adapter made for it. It runs much slower. It is not worth it to bring those appliances. The other appliances we had burnt out. Better off to buy here in France.

Name Aimee
Message I agree. It's a pain having appliances that aren't compatible with the voltage here and they do end up burning out even if you have the right transformers, etc. You can find Kitchen Aid mixers, we have one. Everything that you have in the states, we have here. If I were you, sell your things in the states and buy new ones here. As for your bed, if you can afford to have it shipped over do it. But you know, you can find the same thing here and it might be cheaper than shipping it over. YOu have to make sure you have room for your American bed as the apts are small here and the beds are too. We had a queen size bed in the states and here we have an almost queen, as I call it. It's just a little less wide and a little shorter. It's okay for us becaue we're average height and we don't notice the difference. Where are you moving to in France?

Name Eva
Message Hi suzie I moved to Paris 4yrs ago,bought converters in USA:Franzus 1600watt{con better smaller cheaper in US)it still works with my vacumcleaner,food processor etc...also brought pots pans(much more exp here for similar quality)same about sheets, bath towels...I also brought my Simmons double bed mattress,and glad I did. When I arrived in Paris I applied for a 6mo course of french with the Alliance Francaise,they issued me a student card,which gave me the legal right to import my personnal goods without paying import taxes. I paid 500$ for shipping from San-Francisco If I had bought the goods here it would have cost me at least 5 times more Good luck Suzie with your move . Paris is a very beautifull city,food is wonderfull , it takes a bit to adjust,but it"s worth it. Eva

Name Thomas
Message I'm moving to Paris for the second time this fall. I work for a large French company who moves employees back and forth between the U.S. and France all the time. Our international HR person just told me that they quit giving furniture allowances in France and just move U.S. employees households instead because it was so much more expensive to buy everything in France. Just bear in mind that your living space will be at best half of what you had in the U.S. OTOH, I agree with the other replies about the appliances. Those aren't that expensive. Motorized stuff burns up but computers and stereos are fine, even CD players and tape decks too because they use DC motors, so the frequency of the AC doesn't come into play unlike washing machines and vacuum cleaners and mixmasters.


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