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Subject: Website regarding Americans married to French Citizen
Date: Wednesday, August 04, 2004
Name: jay
Message: I found the following website:

What I don't understand is why when I submit the required information that I want to stay in France long term because I am married to a French citizen it says I don't need any type of visa. However, when we went to the Perfecture in our area, we were told I had to return to the US to get a long term visa.

Which one is right?

Replies Posted 6.

Name Aimee
Message I am married to a French citizen and I didn't need a long term visa. I just came over on my tourist visa and went applied immediately after my arrival. I think you have 3 months to do it. That's crazy that they said you have to go home and get a long term visa. Did you do it?

Name jay
Message Yes, i returned to the states and immigration visited my husbands house, talked with neighbors in the village, and he had to submit every kind of paper you can think of. And I'm still waiting. So far it's been 7 months. I was in France for 2 months during my break from work. At least I have a good job, so the money I'm making will help us immensely.

Name Aimee
Message Are you guys married? My husband and I got married in the US ( didn't need a visa for that or anything) He just came over on a tourist visa and we got married in Kansas. He went back to France to work and I stayed in Kansas to work. We were initially tryig to get him a visa in the US, which never happened! We are still working through that as I write this anyway, we decided in 2003 that I'd move to France, I just came here with a tourist visa and we went to the prefacture and got everything taken care of. Perhaps, because we were married already married made it so that we didn't need to get a visa before hand. Also, I had had our marriage certificate translated into a Livret de Marriage throught he French Consulate in Chicago.

I just had a girlfriend who just got married in France, an American to a French citizen and she didn't have to go home before hand. She was here on a tourist visa, as well.

Name jay
Message Yes, we are married. Got married in the states also, almost a year ago.

I have also talked to others that are in the same boat. One man was married in France to a french citizen and he lived in France illegally for 3 years. When they went to find out about a visa, he was told to return to the US and apply for it.

Maybe it depends on where one lives.

Name Aimee
Message That is so strange! Have you translated your marriage certificate into a Livret de Famille, I think i said Marriage up there, that was wrong. Sorry, just woke up. Anyway, Where did you get married? We were married in Kansas. I'm sorry that you are going through all these hoops to get a visa. I don't understand, I just came over here and applied for one and in three months got it. I doubt it matters what state you are form. Do you know the status of your visa? Who's handling it? France? Or US?

Name jay
Message we got married in california. France is handling all the paperwork, and once everything is okay, they will notify the consulate here. Then the consulate will notify me and I must appear there to get my visa. In the meantime, I am having my husband look into this, as we may have been given wrong information.


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