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Subject bringing US vehicle to France
Name judi
Message My husband and I want to ship our vehicle to France to travel around Europe for six months or more. We have found a shipping company and understand from the French Gov't web site we won't need any special registration. A) Has anyone else brought a vehicle into France? If so, I would like to hear about your experiences, and discuss logistics. Also, B) We are interested in hearing general impressions regarding the 'safety' issue as regards driving around Europe with US license plates on a car. We travel to France frequently, have family there, and have driven in Europe before. We travel a lot but this is a 'new thing' for us and it's a bit difficult to get information. Thank you to any and all who may be able to assist.


Replies Posted 3.

Name Lucy Shockney
Message I wouldn't recommend it in the least. THe French have complicated paper work for everything. If you were to wreck Lord help you if your car were not under some correct title or necessary paper. You can buy cars here for not a bad price at all. Good luck! LS

Name Carrie Chida
Message Don't ........We did and it was a nightmare. It had to be shipped back to the US.

Name Dave
Message I'm very surprised. My wife is canadian and we brought back her two cars from Canada very easily. We didnt pay a penny for that. Was tax free. Now the 2 cars have French number plates. If u travel for less (I think its LESS) than 6 months, u can import and drive ur personnal vehicle here in France without any formality and, oviously, tax free. At the French customs (2 experiences already, so I aint a rookie) all the proceedings took me 20 mn. I think u should contact the French customs and get everything fixed before u send the vehicle. By the way : the transport fees are ridiculous. We brought our cars from Canada for less than 1000 USD. Believe me, everything I say is TRUE. But be careful : if u come with an Oldsmobile or a Saturn, a brand not sold over here, IF u have some mechanical problems, it will be long to get ur car repaired : probably 2 or 3 weeks. So try to come with a brand that is sold here : Chrysler, Chevrolet or Ford, maybe Pontiac.






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